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14th Papua New Guinea (PNG) Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference 2016


Mining and petroleum companies are facing difficult times in the face of sharply lower commodity prices and the El Nino drought, reminiscent of the sectors’ difficulties in 1997 when the industry faced a steep decline. Despite this, several big projects are continuing to move forward because of their long term outlook and confidence they can surmount difficulties in the current downturn and other challenges they will face in coming decades.

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Dec. 5-7, 2016
Sydney Hilton Hotel
Sydney NSW , Australia

Underpinning the new-found confidence has been the success story of the US$19 billion PNG LNG Project which has gone ahead to become a world beater, starting production ahead of schedule as one of the world’s most competitive LNG projects.

Following that success, the ExxonMobil-led venture is actively pursuing plans for addition of a third train to its LNG production facility even though world LNG prices have fallen.

A second LNG project is now taking shape with the Total-led Papua LNG Project completing the assessment of the Elk-Antelope gas fields with plans to target initial exports early in the coming decade when global demand is expected to rise.

In the mining sector, two mega copper-gold projects are likely to commence production late this decade - the Frieda River project in Sandaun Province and the Wafi-Golpu project in Morobe Province. Both are among the largest undeveloped copper deposits in the world, where production will last for many decades.

The Highlands Pacific-Anglo American joint venture in the Star Mountains, north of Ok Tedi mine, and the Harmony Gold Kili Teke prospect, 40km west of Porgera mine, are shaping up to be exciting major exploration prospects.

The achievements and challenges will be showcased in this premier conference on the PNG resources sector. This is an unparalleled opportunity to meet all the players in the industry and the decision makers in Government. The last event attracted 1,400 delegates and was an outstanding success.

The conference offers a wide range of prestigious sponsorship opportunities and the large trade exhibition presents an exciting and exclusive opportunity to showcase your company to a very large audience.

The conference is supported by a three day Trade Exhibition with booths adjacent to and upstairs from the conference room. The Trade Exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your company at this major event.

Priority will be given to trade exhibitors at the 2014 conference and members of the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum. Only limited space is still available.

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