15th International Riversymposium


The International Riversymposium is the world’s leading river management conference. This year’s event will explore the intricately linked pressures on rivers and waterways as the world’s urban population continues to grow and expand.

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Oct. 8-11, 2012
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC)
Melbourne , Australia

Rivers in a rapidly urbanising world
Rivers are the lifeblood of human settlements providing a myriad of ecosystem services. As the global population passes 7 billion, the sustainable management of our rivers and water resources is crucial.

This year’s event will look at “Rivers in a Rapidly Urbanising World” and will explore the intricately linked pressures on rivers as our urban population grows and expands.

 Program now available
The draft program for the 15th International Riversymposium is now available.

Program format

The format of the event will be a 4-day conference featuring:

Key themes & keynote speakers

  1. A river runs through it: designing river cities
  2. River health: healthy rivers, healthy economies, healthy people
  3. River ecology: beneath the surface
  4. River knowledge: tools and techniques for action
  5. River pressures: pathways to sustainability
  6. River partnerships: integrating people, governance and policy

011 saw 18 exhibitors take part in the Trade Exhibition. Catering served around the trade displays gave delegates the best opportunity to explore the area.

The 2012 Trade Exhibition is located in a high traffic area of the conference space. It will run for the duration of the Riversymposium. The location and visibility of the exhibition area is carefully planned to ensure maximum exhibitor exposure and opportunities for interaction between exhibitors and delegates.

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