1st SINO-EU Bio-Natural Gas Summit 2016


1st SINO-EU 2016 Bio-Natural Gas Summit in Beijing, China between 3-5 November 2016. 2016 is the beginning year of China`s 13th Five-Year Plan, and an important year to recognize, adapt and guide the "new normal" of energy development and to improve and upgrade the energy structure. China plans to vigorously develop Bio-natural Gas and establish 50 Bio-Natural Gas Demonstration Counties during the 13th FYP, within new incentive policies, market conditions and advanced technical and environmental standard. 2016 Sino – EU Bio-Natural Gas Summit gathers leading experts, researchers, public authorities, representatives from international organizations, industries, financial institutes, donors and NGOs. This summit aims to be a platform for networking the Chinese and European BNG industry to enhance the communication and cooperation.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 3-5, 2016
Beijing , China

Thursday 3rd November

Sino-EU Bio-Natural Gas/Biogas industry development and policy interpretation

  • Industry outlook and Market Analysis of Natural Gas
  • Prospect analysis of mineral fertilizer and organic fertilizer industry
  • Circular Agriculture and Bio-Natural Gas
  • Prospect Analysis of Sino-EU bio-natural gas industrial Cooperation
  • New policy for Biogas transformation and upgrading in China
  • Development plan of Bio-Natural Gas in China
  • Bio-Natural Gas Development in Europe
  • China’s 13th Five-year Plan of Bioenergy
  • Construction plan of Bio-Natural demonstration zone in China

Friday 4th November

Sub-Forum I:

  • Bio-natural gas product quality and grid-injection standards
  • Bio-Natural gas environmental protection policy and standards
  • Chinese and European anaerobic fermentation technology and equipment
  • Chinese and European biogas upgrading technology and equipment
  • Feedstock pre-treatment technology and equipment
  • Effluent fertilizer application technology and equipment
  • Construction of internet monitoring system
  • Waste treatment and bio-natural gas
  • Domestic super-large scale biogas / bio-natural gas project operation experience sharing

Friday 4th November

Sub-Forum II:

  • Finance and industry innovative model of bio-natural gas
  • Sino-German Bio-natural gas strategic alliance
  • Sino-Italian Bio-natural gas collaboration platform
  • Discussion of profit model of Bio-natural gas/biogas project
  • Prospects of carbon trading in Bio-natural gas industry
  • Investment prospects analysis of fuel gas integration in urban and rural
  • The role of PPP for promoting Bio-natural gas/biogas
  • Experience sharing and investment prospects from international finance organization (WB, ADB)

Friday 4th November

Sub-Forum III:
B2BMatching Making

Business Meetings is a matchmaking event with the aim of establishing business opportunities with potential clients or partners in the international biomass sector.

Saturday 5th November

Short Tour for visiting biogas plants

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