2013 Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition (WQTC)


DRINKING WATER QUALITY is a global issue that requires constant research, evaluation, scrutiny, and advancement from industry leaders. Water professionals from around the world come to AWWA’s Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition every year to benefit from the collective knowledge of one of the largest water quality conferences. Attend this important event that features an unparalleled technical program, extensive networking opportunities, and the latest in water quality technology and services.

Event Type:
Nov. 3-7, 2013
Long Beach , CA , USA

  • Biological Treatment
  • Climate Change Issues /Impacts and Sustainability
  • Corrosion Control
  • Disinfection By-Products
  • Water Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Disinfection Practices
  • Distribution System Issues
  • Energy Optimization
  • Groundwater
  • EDCs/Microconstituent Issues
  • Inorganic Contaminants
  • Lab Methods & Analysis
  • Membranes
  • Microbiology/Organisms in Water
  • Organic Contaminants
  • Other
  • Regulatory Issues & Policy Issues
  • Non-Municipal Treatment Applications
  • Residuals and Disposal
  • Reuse Issues
  • Water Security
  • Source Water Protection
  • Taste and Odor Issues
  • Treatment Processes and Techniques
  • AOP, Ozone
  • Contaminant Occurrence Monitoring

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