2014 EMEA Safety In Action Conference


Safety In Action 2014 - the EMEA Annual Safety Conference

Now in its 7th year, the EMEA Safety in Action Conference continues to offer a unique networking and learning environment for all levels within your organisation. The 2014 conference will build more energy and momentum into your safety efforts by teaching new approaches, sharing best practices and strengthening your knowledge through open discussion.

Experience a conference that has been tailored to help you find practical solutions to the safety challenges you and your team are facing every day.

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Oct. 8-9, 2014
Hotels van Oranje
Noordwijk , Netherlands

Safety is always in motion.

Priorities, people, processes, and technology are ever-changing. Maintaining a safe workplace requires a workforce that maintains a healthy sense of vulnerability and that has the tools to address the conditions contributing to injury exposure.

The unwavering commitment of your team, your process, and you - this is SAFETY IN ACTION.

Who should attend?

The EMEA Safety in Action conference provides a remarkable range of process- and role-focused content, to address the issues that uniquely affect each and every organisational level. The conference content is tailored to the needs of :

  • Senior Executives with ultimate ownership of safety
  • Plant and Site-Level Safety Managers with employee, contractor and process safety oversight
  • Front-Line Teams, Managers, and Supervisors challenged with reducing exposure to injury
  • Behaviour-Based Safety Process Leaders and Teams seeking performance improvement
  • BAPP® management Sponsors, Facilitators & Steering Committee Members seeking to achieve long-term process sustainability

So many reasons to attend!

Experience a conference that has been tailored to help you find practical solutions to the safety challenges you and your team are facing every day. Register today for:

  • A wide range of multi-language interactive sessions
  • Expert guidance to build your process
  • High-energy environment for team-building
  • Real life experience from industry experts
  • New pre-conference workshop for facilitators and Steering Committee chairpersons
  • The Best Practices Showcase; solutions sharing event
  • Extensive industry and peer networking
  • Topics addressing issues at all levels
  • Post-conference access to presentations online
  • Focused learning for safety process development


  • Ensure that likely attendees reserve the dates in their calendars (6 – 9 October 2014)
  • Take advantage of the special price for early registration and group discounts and register now.
  • Ask BST EMEA's Sofie Vanderlinden how best to benefit from your Best Practices Showcase stand (bstemea@bstsolutions.com or +32 16 46 88 80)
  • Start looking forward to attending the conference, and in the meantime keep focusing on safety!

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