3rd Annual Wind Optimization & Maintenance Canada 2016


With turbines maturing and asset managers facing an uphill battle to manage budget pressures, the 3rd Annual Wind Optimization & Maintenance Canada 2016 will be a can’t miss event for 200+ Canadian wind executives looking to boost AEP and optimize their workforces.

Event Type:
Nov. 29-30, 2016
Doubletree Toronto Downtown
Doubletree Toronto , ON , Canada

5 Key Reasons to Attend in 2016!

  • NEW O&M CASE STUDIES: Get a grip with O&M anytime, anyplace, any weather when you evaluate only the most innovative blade, gearbox and bearings techniques used by owners now to truly boost AEP
  • SMART DATA & DECISION MAKING: Benefit from exclusive owner-led CMS case studies that demonstrate in detail how CMS systems have been used to identify symptoms and expedite fault remediation with net revenue benefits to Canadian wind farms
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT (Part 1): Understand how to best execute warranty rights, optimize owner-OEM communication to exceed availability & energy yield targets from all your turbines
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT (Part 2): Face up to the challenge of post-warranty transition, understand what service model works at what fleet scale and take home unique lessons learned from the best self-service owners, OEMs & ISPs north of the border
  • PEOPLE DOLLARS & SAFETY: Learn how to rethink human capital when you receive exceptional peer led insights covering scheduling, maximization of people dollars and the safeguarding all your resources to achieve more but risk far less

Best New Features for 2016!

  • Reimagine Peer-to-Peer Networking: Take advantage of 6+ hours of structured executive networking sessions to connect you with the expertise you never knew you were missing!
  • All New Cold Weather Tech Showcase: The most innovative cold weather O&M solutions will expose truly game changing products that are set to improve the business case for cold climate turbines for good
  • Develop from Big Data to Smart Decisions: Get a unique chance to evaluate vendor ROI and understand what AEP gains your turbines could be making with retrofit and upgrade system investment
  • Delve Deeper in the Best Owner Case Studies: Use our pioneering conference Q&A & live polling tool to get beneath the surface of all expert presentations and better target the insights you need the most

For our 3rd edition we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure every major session from CMS, Blade/Gearbox Maintenance, HSE, Warranties and more is addressed not merely through case studies.

We’re placing a new focus on expertly moderated roundtables, panels and peer-to-peer Q&A to make sure the industry gets a chance to review every major claim and innovation.

Moderated Roundtables
Moderated roundtables allow you to get into the topic details like never before. Review key lessons learned amongst peers and form new expert connections

Have Your Say
Our use of our innovative Q&A app allows you unfettered opportunities to ask key panels and keynote speakers the questions you always wanted to ask

20 Connections Guaranteed
A simple but effective revolving seating plan for key sessions, we’ll guarantee that you meet at least 20 brand new connections before lunch!

Session 1: NEW O&M CASE STUDIES: Get a grip with O&M anytime, anyplace, any weather

A New Era for Effective Turbine Inspections?

  • Learn from unique owner case studies that show just how they combined high-tech ground and drone enabled turbine inspection tools over the past two years to more efficiently build a comprehensive condition analysis
  • Understand how the newest solutions have changed the necessary frequency of scheduled inspections as well as how they impacted on staffing levels for visual inspections
  • Review the common faults found during the 2016 service season and discuss how best to capture and build on the essential lessons learned in time for the 2017 services

Need for Speed – How Are Innovative Self-Hoisting Crane Systems Going to Revolutionize the Canadian Supply Chain?

  • Have your say on the improvements to be made by traditional heavy lift/ crane operators in optimizing equipment availability to remote locations across Canada
  • Evaluate owner evidence of using self-hoisting cranes and other innovative solutions to slash turbine downtime and increase efficiency of major repairs amongst their turbines
  • Receive exclusive insights highlighting the steps the Canadian supply chain is taking to increase availability of faster access solutions as next key target for reducing overall O&M spend after staffing

Oil Management Masterclass – Ensure Clean Running & Increase Component Longevity

  • Understand how to dodge common errors by owners mismanaging oil changes in the gearbox and how this threatens the longevity of the whole gearbox and turbine environment
  • Hear from a unique cross-supply chain panel of owners, OEMs, Gearbox Specialists and Oil Vendors about the failures you can avoid by taking on board these essential lessons learned
  • Evaluate case studies showing the vast improvements to long-term O&M costs by more efficiently managing all turbine oils and fluids

Why Are We Still Talking About This? Resolving Blade Maintenance & Risk Mitigation

  • Grasp key takeaways the industry has discovered in developing best practice for blade maintenance in Canada’s unique environmental conditions
  • Understand from a unique owner case study how these lessons learned have been effectively incorporated internally and have reaped tangible rewards in the 2016 service season
  • Ensure your team Is aware of what owners are currently investing in innovative blade maintenance programs or structural enhancements that’ll not only reduce the frequency of service but lead to net gains in turbine AEP

Integrating Lessons Learned Back into Blade Design

  • Get an exclusive OEM update on what key lessons learned they’re now incorporating into the design & construction process for the next generation of turbines and blades
  • Understand owner expectations for new blade technology and debate the knowledge gaps about blades that still exist in order to address how best the industry can secure a workable remedy to frequent blade integrity issues
  • See what new data driven blade analyses are telling owners about the predictability of critical blade performance degradation and how these can be more effectively managed to avoid all but the rarest losses in energy production

It’s Getting Cold in Here – Mitigate Risk of Energy Loss in Harsh Climate Operations

  • See proven case studies from owners that are getting to grips with harsh conditions and understand the key lessons learned in turbine management/repair/servicing
  • Receive exclusive owner insights about the AEP gained from currently installed retrofit solutions in order to gain some clarity in a deeply confusing ‘ice solutions aftermarket’

All-New Owner-Moderated Vendor Speed Demos & Q&A

  • Benefit from ‘rapid’ vendor pitches from companies participating in our cold weather showcase who are now offering truly new and innovative ‘ice’ related tools and technologies
  • In this all-new and stimulating session, avoid lengthy sales pitches and get a brief overview of some of the most exciting companies in the market in an environment that allows you to ask incisive questions of their claims alongside your peers
  • Wrapping Up for Winter – Protection of Critical Turbine Systems
  • Listen as key owners discuss the value of their cold-weather packages vs. retrofit solutions now being developed for cold climate environments
  • With so many new cold weather heaters, coatings and other systems flooding the market make sure you know what owner is partnering which system so you know who to approach for key lessons learned from deployment
  • Also, gain invaluable insights into how best to protect critical data systems from the degrading effects of hostile environments to avoid unnecessarily curtailed production days due as a result of system misinformation or data misanalysis

Balance of Plant (BOP) Access, Maintenance & Maintenance Value/ Lessons Learned

  • Dodge common errors in BOP management by reviewing exclusive owner case histories that showcase the best approaches for optimizing all aspects of your BOP’s performance
  • Understand what innovative cold weather tools and solutions have been most effective for Canadian owners to expedite the process of BOP fault/ failure remediation

Supply Chain Risk Spreading

  • Identify the key benefits reaped by spare parts pooling by owners already in the Canadian Market, as well as examining opportunities to increase the efficiency of contingency stocks for remote wind farms
  • Evaluate the further steps that can be taken to enhance the effectiveness of central storage facilities and rapid spare part transportation to create further advances in full plant availability
  • Understand what new lessons learned from Canada & the US should be incorporated at central sites to protect contingency supplies from local fluctuation’s in temperature and humidity

Session 2: SMART DATA & DECISION MAKING: Be Prepared to Act on Smart Data to Optimize Energy Yields

Have We Found Proof that CMS Provide Net Benefits?

  • Receive an exclusive owner talk through of a case study showing how CMS was used to accurately locate a fault or symptom, how the issue was then remediated
  • Analyse with the owner the net cost benefits accrued by investing in the CMS system, spotting the fault and remediating to gauge to what degree the remediation was expedited and overall AEP was increased and then an analysis of the net cost benefits accrued when using the CMS system
  • Understand how many lost production days are being made by the

Peer Roundtables: How to Achieve True Value from CMS Investment

  • What new defects/ symptoms are we now finding with the latest CMS solutions?
  • What are the arguments/costs for retrofits on turbines where there is no installed system?
  • Who is best placed to analyse the data, make recommendations and decide the most effective course of action when self-servicing?
  • How is it possible to build analytical infrastructure in house and what ROI has been achieved?
  • *peer roundtables offer the chance to discuss key questions in small groups of owners, OEMs and vendors that are facilitated by respected industry figures. Findings/ questions are then fed back to the main group with key takeaways and next steps determined to ensure true value is added by such sessions

Using SCADA to Improve Your Power Curve Performance

  • Learn from a major owner panel as they discuss the key trends they’re finding in their power curves, analyse results & plan for future performance gains
  • Understand how owners have been able to identify improvements or opportunities to improve energy capture and reduce downtime by investing in the latest asset management software
  • Enhance your awareness of how new solutions are being used across the border to develop a critical understanding of the steps you may need to take to increase your SCADA systems capabilities in line with your turbines maturity

Failure Rate Benchmarking - Gains and Best Practice

  • Understand why owners have so far been unable to benchmark failure rates across varying turbine designs and what new solutions are being developed to change this
  • Learn about the impact of good benchmarking and what methodologies should owners use to quickly get a grip of turbine information to make informed and positive decisions?
  • Examine what data investors should be monitoring more closely and why, as well as receive a valuable presentation from the turbine insurance sector about how this often overlooked industry can be the source of essential failure rate data

Integrate Your Data Toolkit – Am I Able to Take Control of Asset Information to Make Good Decisions

  • Grasp how to effectively integrate & structure digital & non-digital turbine data so that you can make incisive calls about your service schedule that in turn serves to reduce unnecessary inspections and alleviate turbine curtailment
  • Get to grips with the basic human & analytical infrastructure requirements needed by owners if they are to successfully streamline O&M decision making
  • Ensure you know which owners to approach to unlock valuable experience in managing complex data sets and finally see your own O&M downtime limited and AEP enhanced

Squeeze All the Juice – Power Boost Economics vs. Life Extension

  • Get acquainted with the numbers behind the energy boosting systems & software’s available to Canadian turbine owners
  • Understand why, even in an immature market, Canadian owners should already be considering the cost benefits of power boosting tools verses extra-long term life extension O&M policies
  • Receive exclusive insights from key wind stakeholders about which approach best meets the needs of which kind of wind investor (Utility, IPP, Hedge/Pension Fund) taking into account valuable experiences from the US market

Session 3: ASSET MANAGEMENT (Part 1 & 2): Execute Your Warranty Rights & Plot Your Post Warranty Transition

Am I Getting the Most Value from my OEM?

  • Learn how owners and OEMs can better communicate to execute warranty rights more effectively
  • Evaluate how a leading owner & OEM have managed to increase contract efficiency by proactively managing claim resolution, service schedules and energy/ availability guarantees
  • Discuss how all owners can take on board critical lessons learned in preparing warranty agreements and associated energy/availability guarantees to ensure that all owners can increase the value of their AEP every year

Lessons from Across the Border – Approaching a Post Warranty Service Market

  • Build your understanding of the market scope for post warranty turbines in the Canadian/ North USA markets over the next 5-10 years’ dependant on Canada’s differing ownership size/investor models
  • Examine the impact PW has had on transforming the supply chain landscape in the US and what this has meant for the proportional spend on O&M by key US wind farm owners
  • Quiz key OEMs & ISPs on the trends seen in industry M&A in order to know what supply chain transformations the Canadian market can expect of the next 5-10 years

Making the Transition - What model is for me?
In a unique series of presentations and discussions, assess the competing business cases for servicing wind farms post warranty and evaluate the very latest case study evidence and lessons learned.
Featuring the critical cases studies from OEMs, Self-Servicing Owners and ISPs. Key questions for each include:

  • OEM Case Study & Discussion
    • What improvements are OEMs making to secure service agreements for the competitive post warranty market?
    • What ROI has been achieved by sticking with the OEM?
    • What about 3rd Part OEM Services? Will they grow as they did in the US or will they simply expand US service provision northwards
    • Will costs decline to match US service costs and over what timelines?
  • Self Service Owner Case Study & Discussion
    • When has it made sense to self-service?
    • How do owners prepare resources and infrastructures? What were the teething pains?
    • What ROI is being achieved and who can we look to for guidance (small owners vs.  large owners)?
  • ISP Service Model Case Study & Discussion
    • What is the USP of ISP Servicing? What benefits are reaped by partnering with an ISP for services?
    • How do ISPs compete on price with OEMs? What value added services are they offering to achieve contracts?
    • Post Warranty – What else do I need to know?

Live Q&A session with PW service thought leaders to ensure you understand what are the pros and cons of each service model.
All Q&A to be recorded and anonymized to ensure that lessons learned can be made available to all delegates after the conference.

Session 4: PEOPLE DOLLARS & SAFETY: Learn to Rethink Human Capital

People Dollars – What is the Best and Safest Workforce Management Approach?

  • While pressure to increase AEP & reduce O&M costs is budget driven, ensure you maintain the correct levels of staffing for your scale of operations by reviewing owner case histories detailing what scale and ability is most effective & safest depending on your own chosen service model.
  • Examine key lessons learned in training investment and skills retention strategies to ensure you have the right person in the right place at the right time to have a meaningful impact of reducing downtime without the risk of over/under staffing
  • Ensure your awareness of the most effective approaches to managing seasonal works forces and get your chance to quiz those at the leading edge of the industry on their own strategy

The Value of Safety Standardization

  • Safety vs. Energy based availability is paramount, so ensure you engage in a unique discussion on revolutionary efforts to fully collaborate & standardize standards across all major wind supply chain stakeholders

Emergency Response in Remote Locations

  • Ensure your teams compliance with local safety & environmental legislation by hearing from the industry elite in safety training provision
  • Examine the most effective strategies for wind farm emergency response to ensure that no one turbine technician is put at adverse risk
  • Discuss what opportunities, tools and new technologies are being deployed in the Canadian market to better protect all personnel and assets from major HSE events

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  • Make sure your company is seen as an industry thought leader among key influencers and decision makers.
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