Marcus Evans

3rd Edition Risk Audit in Banking


This marcus evans event will enable banks to discuss the practical challenges involved in auditing the major risk change projects including IFRS9 credit risk modelling, the FRTB and others, across credit, market, counterparty credit and operational risk types. As well as this, this event will look at the challenges posed by increasingly complex models as part of the  major risk change projects, and will determine the best practices for strategic audit focuses, including the management of resources and risk culture. By discussing solutions with other risk professionals, banks will be able to proceed in the auditing of the major projects in a more efficient – and ultimately from a regulator’s point of view – correct manner. A deep-dive into auditing the major challenges for bank risk management departments, including IFRS9, FRTB, model risk and BCBS239

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Workshops/Training Courses
Sep. 18-19, 2017
London , UK

Primarily as a result of Basel III, there has been a radical overhaul in recent years in the risk management department. The result of this is a number of significant risk change projects including IFRS9 credit risk modelling, the FRTB, BCBS239, ICAAP, ILAAP amongst others; which have led to a major challenge for internal audit. Coupled with the greater complexity of models and processes of the major risk change projects, internal audit is a key area and ultimately essential to the success of a bank, particularly at a time where many of these major projects are nearing implementation and consequently auditing is required to prevent a bank falling at the last hurdle. Along with these major projects are the other key focuses for risk audit, whether that be operational risk issues such as anti-money laundering, or the issue of risk culture, and the need to effectively manage the resources between risk and risk audit, where the expertise required is the same.

  • Hear case studies on how to audit the FRTB, IFRS9 credit risk modelling, and exposure to CCPs
  • Effectively audit your banks use and governance of models to minimise model risk
  • Implement appropriate audit standards for capital and liquidity risk, as well as BRRD
  • Gain updates on the continued auditing of the BCBS239 project
  • Obtain best practice in strategic audit focuses, such as defining and implementing risk culture

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