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3rd International Conference on Coastal Cities and their Sustainable Future

Coastal areas are a common destination, it brings in economic growth but implies additional urban development and increases the need for resources, infrastructure and services. The location of coastal cities, facilitates transportation and development of related activities. This requires the existence of large ports, with the corresponding increase in maritime and road traffic and its inherent negative effects. The above-mentioned activities common to coastal cities require the development of well-planned urban environments, not only for reasons of efficiency and economics, but also to avoid inflicting environmental degradation that causes the deterioration of natural resources, quality of life and human health. To mitigate these problems it is necessary to consider coastal cities as dynamic complex systems which need energy, water, food and other resources in order to work and generate diverse activities, with the aim of offering a better socio-economic climate and quality of life.
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Sep. 11-13, 2019
Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome
Rome , Italy

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