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40 Hour HAZWOPER Training - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

Satisfy your HAZWOPER requirements with this comprehensive class that provides in-depth training for the emergency response operations related to releases of, or substantial threats of releases of, hazardous substances. HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) training is a requirement under OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.120 for all site workers who may be involved in hazardous waste removal, treatment, storage or disposal. Topics of discussion include Health and Safety Procedures, Personal Protective Equipment, Hazard Assessment & Analysis, Spill Response, Incident Command System, Decontamination Procedures and more. The HAZWOPER 40 Hour course takes place over 5 days in Denver, CO. Call 303-360-9801 for more information and to reserve your seats.
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Workshops/Training Courses
Aug. 21-25, 2017
HAZMAT Plans & Programs, Inc., 30 S. Havana Street, Suite 304F
Denver , CO , USA

Workers engaged in operations which involve a potential for employee exposure to hazardous substances, including hazardous waste, are mandated by OSHA to be HAZWOPER trained under the scope of 1910.120.  For a site to be covered by this rule, employees must be engaged in one of the following operations:

  1. Hazardous substance response operations under CERCLA, including any initial investigations of the site prior to identification of exposures.
  2. Corrective actions involving cleanup conducted under RCRA.
  3. Operations at a State or local government designated site.
  4. Operations involving storage, treatment, and disposal facilities regulated by 40 CFR 264 and 265 pursuant to RCRA.
  5. Emergency response operations regardless of location when there has been a release or substantial threat of release of hazardous substances.

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