7th Annual Asia Waste to Energy Congress 2019

B&R,Build Clean and Smart WtE Plant,Towards Zero Waste Eco Urban Area
Event Type:
Jun. 28, 2019
The St. Regis Shenzhen Hotel
Shenzhen , China

Global urban msw management department decision makers network on the treatment approach
operational experience and strategy
How to shorten the project preliminary examination planning, environmental assessment, feasibility study, approval, land
approval, report construction land acquisition, demolition and resettlement coordination time
How to coordinate finance, development and reform, land, planning, environmental protection, legal departments efficiently
How government and investors resolve the conditions for cooperation in fairness and impartiality, major legal risks, and
operational maintenance effectively
Assisting the B&R strategy countries and China as well as decision makers in the specific local city msw management
departments to solve the msw environmentally friendly disposal problem
How to design a YIMBY waste incineration project, process technology, project building standard, waste disposal service fee
How to build high standards, high quality waste incineration power generation project
How to leverage cloud computing, digitization, big data, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies to improve
combustion power generation efficiency and reduce flue gas emissions
Waste incineration power generation projects operational excellent management
Waste incineration power plant equipment fault prediction and maintenance, clean compliance incineration, improve
enterprise economic benefits
How to assist waste incineration power plants to treat exhaust gas(hcl sox nox dioxin mercury pm), waste water,slag, fly ash
How to assist decision makers in urban msw management departments to sort and collect transport work well
Debate the future of the emerging waste conversion market with industry leaders
Benefit from technical expertise insight from some of the industry’s leading technology providers
Network and do business with the leading WtE projects owners in the region
Discover new commercial opportunities in 2020 and beyond
Position your company at the forefront of the emerging WtE industry in China,Asia,World

Local authorities
Housing and urban and rural development
Housing and urban rural development bureau
Municipal commission of housing and urban
rural development
City appearance environment sanitation
management administration
Environmental protection agency
Urban management administrative
enforcement bureau
City appearance and environmental sanitation
management office
Public utility bureau
WtE plant operators
WtE plant design firms
WtE engineering company
WtE facility providers
Waste sorting company
Flue gas cleaning solutions company
Waste landfill company
Software company
Investment bank
Venture capital,Private equity
Consulting company
Law firm

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