98-PHYS-A5: Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Courses

Semiconductor physics; band theory, drift and diffusion. Semiconductor devices; diodes, bipolar and MOS devices. Time and Frequency responsed linear circuits. Small signal and operational amplifiers. Digital circuits and logic families; D/A and A/D conversion; instrumentation. This course meets the requirements as outlined in the Examination Syllabus developed and approved by the Engineers Canada Qualifications Board and is meant for individuals working towards their P.Eng. License, who are required to write the corresponding exam.
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Nov. 7, 2016

The distance education program works as follows:

  • Each course is 8-12 weeks in duration.
  • You will receive a set of notes each week covering the course material via the internet. In addition, you will receive practice problems and assignments very similar to the associations' past exams.
  • A one hour video-conference session will be conducted by your instructor each week. The objective of this session is to assist in solving the assignments as well as answer student questions that should be sent to instructor early enough prior to the meeting time. In addition with being able to communicate with the instructor, you will also be able to communicate with other students in the same class and watch their questions answered as well. A high speed internet connection is strongly recommended for this feature.
  • Each set of assignments must be completed and submitted by the indicated date and your completed assignment will be marked and returned by your instructor.
  • Upon completion of the assignments, you will be sent a final exam. It is recommended that you try to simulate the actual exam conditions (i.e., no aids and a time limit) when writing it. You will then submit this final exam for review and marking.
  • To gain the most from your course, it is highly recommended that you participate fully in all discussions and assignments. Please remember that each course has 8-12 weeks duration and set dates for assignments to be submitted and a set date to submit the final exam. You will be informed of these dates when you receive the course schedule.

Webinar Series

Introductory Webinar--September 12- 7pm EST


Chengliang Huang is currently a Ph. D. candidate at Ryerson University. He has published a few papers on peer-reviewed academic journals. He is also working part-time as a teaching assistant, sometimes as an instructor, for courses including signals and systems, electrical networks, digital communications and wireless communications. He had been a senior engineer and project manager at Huawei and Intel for four years respectively. He graduated as MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. from Ryerson University in 2009, and graduated as a B. S. in Electronic Engineering Dept. from Fudan University, a prestige university in China, in 1990.

Cancellation Policy

OSPE reserves the right to cancel a course no later than seven days prior to the course start date. If the course is cancelled, a full refund will be issued. OSPE is not responsible for travel arrangements and accommodation costs, or any associated cancellation/change fees. Please contact us at 1-866-763-1654 to confirm that the course is running before making arrangements for travel and accommodations. Please review our Course Cancellation, Withdrawl and Refund Policy before registering for a course.

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