Absolute Basics of Metabolomics

This 1-day course provides an introduction to Metabolomics aimed at those with little or no knowledge of the subject. The course provides an overview of the history, development and current use of Metabolomics in fields such as clinical, environmental and biotechnology applications. The course opens with a “walk-though” summary of the workflows in a Metabolomics study and goes on to outline the considerations when designing a metabolomics experiment or study including sampling and quality control, metadata and sample preparation techniques. The course will provide an overview of different Mass Spectrometry-based instrumentation and other techniques (such as NMR and Infrared) used for discovery and targeted analysis. The course covers data processing and statistical analysis for Metabolomics including a worked example using data analysis software. This course is classroom based with presentations.
Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Nov. 21, 2016
The Open University
Milton Keynes , UK

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