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Adapting to Climate Change Courses


This new 5-day is aimed at individuals or organisations that need to integrate climate change adaptation into their day-to-day activities and operations. The course provides participants with an understanding of climate science and policy at the global level, with particular reference to the Paris Agreement and its goals, and furnishes them with practical skills for mainstreaming climate change adaptation into their work. It provides an overview of current adaptation thinking and practice, and how adaptation relates to concepts such as resilience, vulnerability and transformation.

Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Mar. 18-22, 2019
Norwich , UK

The course includes content on screening development and related activities for climate risks and opportunities; undertaking climate risk and vulnerability assessments; identifying, prioritising and implementing adaptation actions; and monitoring and evaluating adaptation in different contexts (e.g. at the project, programme and national levels). The content is practical in nature, and combines taught sessions with exercises in which participants apply their learning to key issues including: identifying potential climate change risks and opportunities, developing frameworks for detailed climate risk assessments, identifying potential adaptation measures, and identifying methods and indicators for monitoring and evaluating adaptation actions.

This course combines the content of our 3-day course on mainstreaming adaptation and our 2-day course on adaptation M&E, and replaces these courses for 2018. These courses may still be offered if there is sufficient demand. The programme for the new course is still under development, but the content will reflect that of the previous courses, which is detailed on the relevant pages here: (1) mainstreaming course; (2) M&E course.

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