Advanced Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional, Dubai - ILM Approved

The Advanced CSO Professional Training is a challenging training course offering a unique holistic viewpoint to Sustainability. In this course, experienced professionals will benefit from our interactive approach focusing on both strategic and operational aspects of Sustainability. Our skill-building and hands-on approach assists participants to improve their capabilities and drive practical Sustainability solutions successfully across their organization. Participants will adopt an inclusive approach to Sustainability and CSR issues, trends, challenges, standards, and strategies and will gain insights into best methods for leading organizational Sustainability to overcome business uncertainty and gain long lasting competitive advantage. Global ILM Recognition Following your successful completion, you receive the “Advanced Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional” Certificate which is endorsed by the ILM verifying your knowledge and successful completion.
Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Feb. 21-23, 2017
Dubai , UAE

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