AFRICA 2017 - International Conference and Exhibition


International Conference and Exhibition is now rescheduled to take place from 14 to 16 March 2017 Palais des Congres de la Palmeraie Marrakech, Morocco.

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Mar. 14-16, 2017
Palais des Congres de la Palmeraie
Marrakech , Morocco

Aqua-Media International, in partnership with the International Commission on Large Dams, and with the strong support of the Government of Morocco, is pleased to reconvene the next regional conference for Africa, AFRICA 2017, which will take place in Marrakech. This follows the unfortunate need to post pone AFRICA 2015, at the time of the tragic ebola outbreak, on the advice of various relevant authorities.

In view of the postponement of the 2015 event, we produced a special publication for Africa, also working in collaboration with the African Union and ICOLD- This has been widely disseminated, and proceeds from advertising in the publication were donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres, the organization which played the greatest role in bringing the ebola outbreak under control.

The first conference in this series, AFRICA 2013, took place in Addis Ababa, when practical aspects of advancing hydropower and water resources development in Africa were discussed by more than 600 participants from 67 countries. The conference brought together utility CEOs, officers of UNECA, leading experts from the IFIs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries of the water- and energy-related professional associations, eminent engineering consultants, researchers, leading contractors and equipment suppliers. Outcomes made a practical contribution to the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa. A Final Declaration was widely disseminated globally.

The location of the Kingdom of Morocco in North Africa, together with rapid urbanization and greater demands on water resources, present the country with a number of challenges, and place water issues high on the national agenda.

Under the strong leadership of the King and his Government, Morocco has progressively developed an integrated approach to water resources management Today the country has an impressive portfolio of 140 large multipurpose dams (providing 17 km3 of storage), large and small irrigation systems, and a National Water Plan serving as a framework for investment programmes up to 2020.

The country is also seeking to expand its renewable energy, with the goal of generating 40 per cent of national electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Hydropower already plays a significant role, with more than 1300 MW of pure hydro in operation, and 464 MW of pumped storage. Morocco is thus an ideal meeting point for the world water and hydropower community to discuss achievements, needs, challenges and plans.

Tours are being planned, in collaboration with the Moroccan National Committee of ICOLD. One- two- and three-day options will be available. Projects planned to be visited are: Takerkoust dam, which has been heightened and refurbished; the Yakoub El Mansour RCC dam; Hassan 1 dam (the largest fill dam in Africa); the Afourer pumped-storage scheme; the Abdeloumen buttress dam, where cracking problems have been addressed; and, Ahl Sous dam.

Major multipurpose water resources schemes, including many large regional hydro projects, are moving ahead in Africa at an unprecedented rate. A status update, potential and development opportunities, as well as technical, environmental and financial challenges, covering all regions of the African continent, will be the focus of the presentations and discussions.

Abstracts are now invited on the following and related themes:

  • Potential and planned developments in Africa
  • African multipurpose water storage including hydropower, irrigation, water supply, navigation and fisheries
  • Quantifying and qualifying the benefits of water infrastructure
  • African small dams for irrigation
  • Role of storage in river basin management for sustainable development
  • The role of risk mitigation in making hydro more competitive
  • Concession agreements and construction contracts
  • Finance options including resource mobilization and the Africa 50 fund
  • Implementation and review of dam safety legislation in Africa
  • Monitoring the safety of dams, gates and powerplants
  • Public safety around dams
  • Dam engineering: design and construction
  • Institutions and institutional arrangements
  • Case studies from the Water Towers': the Congo Basin, the Ethiopian Highlands, the Fouta Djallon and the Lesotho Highlands
  • Effects of climate change in Africa: adaptation and mitigation
  • Flood control
  • The role of hydro in African regional development
  • Update on the PIDA Energy Priority Action Plan
  • Pumped storage; hydro in synergy with other renewables
  • Hydro's role in electrical system stability in Africa
  • Small hydro in Africa
  • Rural electrification in Africa
  • Hydro machinery: research and operational issues and, practical examples of innovative low cost technologies
  • Environmental and social aspects of African schemes, including water conservation and transfer, and social challenges of transboundary projects
  • Reservoir sedimentation mitigation
  • Operation, maintenance and rehabilitation challenges; obstacles and solutions

The modern and well equipped Palmeraie Exhibition and Congress Centre will provide a magnificent setting for the Exhibition, which will take place in parallel with the AFRICA 2017 Conference

Exhibition space is generally sold in units of 6 m2 (with some areas reserved for larger pavilions). Each space reserved includes white panelling, a table, two chairs, spotlights and, a company name sign. The price for each stand space (6 m2) is €2480. Lunch and refreshments will be served each day in the Exhibition halls, to ensure that international participants have plenty of time to visit the exhibitors. Various opportunities will also be available to sponsor or co-sponsor social activities, such as aperitifs, lunches, receptions and coffee breaks. This can be a pleasant and memorable way of bringing your organization to the attention of the international participants.

If your organization is actively involved in water resources or hydropower development in the African region, you should not miss this opportunity to be represented at this event, which will bring together high level delegations in a region of the world with the greatest potential for future development.

Located to the north of the snow-capped Atlas mountains, Marrakech is an ancient city founded in 1062 by Abu Bakr ibn Umar. The iconic red walls of the city were constructed a few decades later. With 130 000 ha of greenery and more than 180 000 palm trees, Marrakech is an oasis of rich plant varieties. The old fortified city, with its bustling medina, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. It contrasts with the modern and elegant suburbs, including the luxurious and well equipped AFRICA 2017 venue, the Palais des Congres de la Palmeraie de Marrakech.

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