Applied Organizational Learning


The vision of a Learning Organization is appealing, even inspiring. Yet day-to-day life in our organizations is so different. What would it take to close the gap? What capacities do we need? How can we get them? What can I do to make a real difference in my organization?  And how do I continue my own personal transformation? In this highly interactive workshop you will learn the tools and methods, and practice the skills for building learning organizations and apply them within your unique business, organizational and personal context.

Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Dec. 13-15, 2016
The Warren Center
Ashland , MA , USA

Together we'll learn to:

  • Uncover new approaches to current challenges and acquire a broader perspective and skill set to initiate and sustain change

  • Use Systems Archetypes to clarify complex causal relationships and identify leverage points for sustained success

  • Initiate, lead and participate in productive conversations that promote learning and bridge personal and organizational boundaries

  • Open a door to examining your beliefs and assumptions to produce new insight, greater understanding, clearer thinking, better actions, and better results

  • Create a learning community with people inside and outside your organization to enhance your capacity for transformation and innovative action

Who is this program for?

  • Leaders at all levels who want to tap into the collective intelligence of their organizations, shift culture, and move to a higher level of performance

  • Individuals and teams from all sectors – public, private, and non-profit – who are seeking to become “unstuck”, create new opportunities, increase effectiveness, and operate from a higher level of awareness

  • Change agents and consultants internal and external, who want to increase their capacities for creating organizational change and learning

  • Past SoL Course participants seeking to enhance and expand their skills and knowledge

Why this program is unique?

  • Based on a simple premise: There is no better way to learn about creating and sustaining learning organizations than to create such an organization, together in our small gathering

  • Designed with you in mind. Your own projects and goals are used to shape the practice segments of the workshop, applying the tools and methods of organizational learning to your organizational and personal context

  • Not your typical management training course. The course is designed as an intensive and comprehensive hands-on introduction to the concepts, methods, tools, and capacities for building learning organizations

  • Designed for individuals as well as teams interested in participating in a different experience and in supporting transformative work in their organizations

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