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ATMOsphere China 2018


Join ATMOsphere China to connect industry with technology leaders, share best policy practices and increase awareness about natural refrigerant projects.

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Apr. 12, 2018
Beijing , China

After the Kigali Amendment, a key moment for the HVAC&R sector, China has already started its phase-down strategies and it is moving towards natural refrigerants. This year, China has started its environmentally-friendly transition by phasing out R22 and chosing hydrocarbons as a refrigerant for air-conditioning. Ammonia and CO2 have started to penetrate the Chinese market as well and this can already be seen in many industrial refrigeration systems.

ATMOsphere China will bring both global and local end users to share their experiences and best practices with natural refrigerants. Representatives from Chinese Ministries will stir up a discussion together with local associations and regulatory bodies around global policy developments, thus informing and influencing key decision makers.

Why go?

  • Learn about natural cooling & heating solutions and reduce your energy bill
  • Meet & connect with leading retailers, industrial end users, consumer goods brands, suppliers, policy makers, associations & more
  • Dynamic discussions and interactive panels
  • Market updates and policy trends
  • Technology case studies and Q&A sessions
  • Site visits & workshops before and after the event

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