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Calpuff Training Course - Las Vegas, NV

This course is intended for air quality professionals who require knowledge of puff air dispersion modeling approaches and techniques. This course builds upon essential ADM concepts demonstrating the potential for accurate results at small and large scales or in regions of immense complexity. At the end of the course the attendee will be able to use the appropriate model necessary for a variety of regulatory applications, efficiently using the model at-hand. Case studies will be used throughout the course giving "real world" applicability to atmospheric dispersion theory.
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Workshops/Training Courses
Apr. 10-11, 2019
The Orleans Hotel - 4500 West Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas , NV , USA


Day 1 

8:30am - 4:30pm


• Introductions 
• Stability Class and Mixing Height 
• Puff vs. Plume 
• Deposition 


• Screening Analysis - Met data processing 
• Screening Analysis - Sources & receptors using CALPUFF & CALPOST 
• Refined Analysis - Wind fields (CALMET)
• Met Processing 
• Terrain Processing 

Day 2

8:30am - 4:30pm


• Review of Day 1 (Stability Class, Mixing Height, Terrain) 
• Turbulence 
• Another look at CALMET and RUN 
• How to read/modify a wind field and what it tells you 
• Wind field QA


• Basic parameters for a simple CALPUFF run 
• Basic CALPUFF run (concentration only) & CALPOST basics 
• Overview of 'how things get complex 
• Visibility Analysis - what particulates can do 
• Setting up and running a visibility analysis 

Day 3

8:30AM - 4:30PM


• Review of day 2 
• Review of FLAG, IWAQM, etc. 
• Review visibility analysis from Day 2 
• Chemical transport and transformations 
• CALPUFF run with MESOPUFF II and deposition 
• Plume rise & dispersion


• Completing the CALPUFF run 
• CALPOST options 
• Complex terrain, coastal, other unique instances 
• Questions, model comparisons, etc. 


Training Brochure

Course Notes & Slides
Lakes Environmental equips you with the necessary materials for your future endeavors with CALPUFF modeling. We supply you with course slides from the training presentation, and course notes that take you step-by-step through modeling procedures.

Every course attendee will receive:

  • FREE downloads for Screen View, WRPLOT View, and Percent View
  • Course files for case studies reviewed during training
  • Links to key modeling resources
  • PDFs of course slides

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