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Calpuff Training Courses - Dallas, TX


Day 1: Introductions. Dispersion, stability class, andmixing height. Puff versus Plume models. Terrain and land use preprocessing (GEO.DAT). Met station data preprocessing & WRF/MM5 met data. Hands-on CALMET. Wind Field QA - how to read/modify a wind field. Basic parameters for a CALPUFF run. CALPOST post-processing options. Hands-on CALPUFF and CALPOST modeling.

Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Feb. 7-9, 2018
Dallas , TX , USA

Review of Day 1

  • Turbulence, plume rise, and dispersion
  • Chemical transport and transformations
  • Complex terrain and coastal
  • Hands-on complex terrain
  • Hands-on coastal modeling
  • Odor modeling and other unique instances
  • Hands-on odor modeling
  • Hands-on CALPUFF run using your own site
  • Dealing with large projects – CALSUM post-processor
  • Hands-on CALSUM

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