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CALPUFF Training - Dallas, TX


Lakes Environmental has offered training in air  dispersion modeling worldwide since 1998. Our  classes not only emphasize the importance of  CALPUFF’s theoretical application, but also its  practical hands-on functionality. Lakes  Environmental believes that the best way to  learn new software is to learn it first hand. That’s  why every course attendee is trained by our  experts, in a smaller class setting, and provided  individual access to CALPUFF View over the  duration of our training. We ensure your training  experience provides you with all the necessary  tools and information to carry out your own  CALPUFF modeling projects. Well structured classes, expert instructors, small  class sizes, and extensive course materials; it’s no  wonder Lakes Environmental is internationally  recognized for its training.

Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Feb. 20-21, 2019
Dallas , TX , USA

Two Day Training

8:30am - 4:30pm


  • Inroductions
  • Puff vs. Plume Models
  • Terrain and Land Use Pre-Processing (CEO. DAT)
  • Met Station Data Pre-Processing and WRF Met Data
  • Hands-on CALMET - Obs Modeling
  • Wind Field QA - How to Read/Modify a Wind Field


  • Basic parameters for a CALPUFF Run
  • CALPOST Post Processing Options
  • Hands-on CALPUFF and CALPOST Modeling - Obs Modeling
  • Hands-on CALMET-No Obs
  • Hands-on CALPUFF and CALPOST

8:30am - 4:30pm


  • 1st Day Review
  • Chemical Transport and Transformations
  • Complex Terrain and Coastal Modeling
  • Hands-on Coastal Modeling
  • Hands-on Complex Terrain
  • Odor. Flare, Tanks Roads and Other Unique Modeling Instances


  • Hands-on Sub-Hour Modeling
  • Dealing with Large Projects - CALSUM Post-Processor
  • Hands-on CALSUM
  • Hands-on DIY Case - Attendee's Own Modeling Site with Lakes' WRF Met Data Processed for Each Location

Course Notes & Slides

Lakes  Environmental  equips  you  with  two  course  booklets  for  your  future  endeavors  with  CALPUFF   modeling.  We  supply  you  with  a  “Course  Slides”  booklet  containing  slides  from  the  training   presentation, as well as a “Course Notes” binder which takes you step-by-step through basic modeling  procedures.

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