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Complete HPLC & LC-MS

This course teaches you how to operate your instrument, strategies for method development, system optimisation & configuration, instrument maintenance and troubleshooting.
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Workshops/Training Courses
Nov. 18-22, 2019
The Open University
Milton Keynes , UK

This course provides a complete training solution enabling you to understand your Liquid Chromatograph or LC-MS instrument, develop applications, troubleshoot & maintain it.

This course provides the essential and practical theory about all available HPLC & LC-MS techniques, covering how to select an appropriate mobile phase and develop gradient elution methods; pumps and plumbing; autosampler injection techniques; sample preparation, calibration standards and sample properties; how to select an HPLC column; selection and operation of an appropriate HPLC detector and how to undertake data analysis for quantitation and qualitatitive analysis.

The course will provide strategies for method development & method optimisation and how to maintain & troubleshoot the instrument, techniques and method. The course looks at advanced techniques for difficult samples.  HPLC to UHPLC method migration is briefly discussed, chromatographic deconvolution utilising tandem mass spectrometry, multi-dimensional LC (LCxLC), on-line SPE and chemometrics.

You can choose to attend all 5 days for a complete training solution, or alternatively, you can attend the 3-day Practical Essentials of HPLC & LC-MS and join us at a later date to attend the more advanced 2-day HPLC & LC-MS Clinic course. You can also attend individual days to focus on a particular area.

  • Independent - guaranteed non-sales environment and unbiased advice
  • The majority of our training courses are approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Maximum class sizes to encourage participant interaction but provide focused support for your needs
  • Plenty of opportunities to ask questions tailored to your needs
  • Training has a strong practical and application focus, with lots of tips
  • Taught by practicing analytical chemists with current skills
  • Hundreds of attendees from a range of backgrounds successfully trained over the past 14 years
  • Presented in English with visuals and props for clarity and instrument parts & consumables
  • Price includes training manual, lunch and refreshments
  • Prestigious training venue at The Open University – home to the expertise behind the Ptolemy instrument, on the Rosetta mission