Conform to ISO 31000 using the Bowtie Method


Many high hazard industries have to deal with the ISO 31000 standard. This is a standard for Risk Management for any organization. ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) recommends organizations to develop, implement and continuously improve a risk management framework throughout the entire organization (ISO 2009). In order to achieve this, many organizations use the bowtie method: a visualized way of doing risk assessments that enables organizations to get a good understanding of how they control risks.

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Jul. 12, 2018

The optimal process of risk management according to ISO 31000

The picture below comes from the ISO 31000:2009 that explains the optimal general process of risk management. The activities and stages that are shown in this picture should all be included in the risk management framework.

The webinar

During this webinar, we will show you how to conform to ISO 31000 using the bowtie method. We will discuss each stage of the ISO 31000 framework and explain what role the bowtie method plays in each of these stages while taking into account the recently renewed ISO 31000 guidelines.

During this webinar, we will use the BowTieXP software. BowTieXP is a well-known tool that is used worldwide across various industries. It does not only offer a bowtie building functionality but also allows you to manage your barriers (controls) by linking it to the management system. It visualizes improvement actions to reduce risk and strengthen your risk scenarios. For communication and consultation, BowTieXP offers a set of different filters to show the exact information to your audience without deleting any information. To prevent a bowtie being a static picture, BowTieXP can be used in combination with IncidentXP and AuditXP to monitor and review barrier performances.


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