Newcastle University, UK

Contaminated Land 2019

The aims of this course are to provide a clear definition of contaminated land, to introduce the risk-based approach to contaminated land engendered by UK legislation, and to describe the techniques used in the reclamation of contaminated sites in the UK. The lectures will first introduce contaminated land and the related "land affected by contamination" and "derelict land". You will then be introduced to the legal framework governing contaminated land in the UK, with emphasis being placed on the recent Part IIA regime. Site investigation and risk assessment are covered next and this is followed by a review of traditional and more innovative techniques for the remediation of contaminated sites. During the course, you will take part in one numerical practical exercise using either CONSIM modelling software or the CLEA guidelines. You will also take part in a team-based coursework exercise to design a site investigation for a real contaminated land site.
Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Mar. 25-29, 2019
School of Engineering, Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne , UK

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