Romanian Water Association (ARA)

Romanian Water Association (ARA)

Danube Regional Water Forum Eastern Europe 2019


The event is open to all specialists in water since water resource managers, operators of water supply and sewerage and not least the general public interested in improving the performance of technical and managerial sector. During the exhibition specialized suppliers of equipment and technologies dedicated to water will encounter face to face with their users (operators of services of water supply and sanitation) can so effectively to promote their latest products. In 2019 it will organize pavilions dedicated design firms, general contractors and consultants.

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Sep. 23-25, 2019
Bucharest , Romania

Regional Water Forum Danube - Eastern Europe brings annually in the participants' attention most current information on the evolution and development of the water sector in Romania, primarily, but also from countries in the region and beyond.

Alongside the Technical Scientific Conference, specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for water sector EXPOAPA presented every year, the latest solutions to improve performance and increase efficiency in technical and managerial sector.

Exhibitors benefit from a generous exposure, which were presented equipment and installations varied, both for drinking water and for wastewater, such as:

  • pieces and parts of taps and valves, pumps intelligent performance and energy efficient water drinking and waste water;
  • smart meters of water and heat;
  • vitrified piping systems for potable water and sewage network;
  • ductile cast iron pipes;
  • polyethylene pipes for water supply networks and sewage;
  • homes, prefabricated concrete or other material;
  • drilling systems Mechanized tunneling.    

A chapter in the increasingly important it is to monitor and control systems involved in processing both drinking water and of the waste. Such notice:

  • professional tools to control and water quality monitoring;
  • water control equipment;
  • solutions for monitoring and detection of loss of water;
  • intelligent remote control networks, water / sanitation and integrated management of water treatment plants / treatment.

Not missing any equipment involved in water treatment processes:

  • stations modular drinking water;
  • water filtration systems and disinfected with UV rays;
  • turbocharger systems for biological treatment of sewage;
  • treatment stations intelligent modular ultra filtration membrane.

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