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Effective Utility Management Seminar


This seminar is vitally important for all utility managers who want to get started on the path to becoming an effectively managed and sustainable utility. This seminar is based on recent updates that have been made to the well-established Effective Utility Management (EUM) framework, which was originally developed by water sector leaders in 2007 and featured both the “Ten Attributes of an Effectively Managed Utility” and “Five Keys to Management Success.”

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Apr. 9-10, 2019
Utility Supply Co.
Indianapolis , IN , USA

  • Utility leaders (executives, directors, general managers, and top level assistants and deputies) from large, medium, and small systems
  • Utility managers across the major functions of a utility -- Admin/HR, operations, customer service, finance, and engineering/planning
  • Utility governance - board members, commissioners, etc.
  • State primacy agency staff who work with utility managers on capacity development (financial, managerial, technical)
  • Consultants who work with all of the above

  • How EUM can fit into your utility’s management practices.
  • How to use a tool based on the Ten Attributes to assess strengths and identify areas for improvement.
    About the relationship between EUM and the best practices of continual improvement including Deming’s P-D-C-A.
  • How to link your EUM priorities to strategic goals and objectives.
  • How to develop and use SMART measures to track and report your progress.
  • About the practices and programs that other utilities are using to capture and manage organizational knowledge.
  • How utility managers are tackling the leadership challenges of the day in the water sector.
  • How the EUM framework has been incorporated into a variety of tools and programs 
  • How to access the wealth of resources to help your utility improve

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