Enforcement Summit Europe 2016


A unique opportunity to join our panels: twenty-one plus experts including EU and Member State officials, regulatory managers from industry and professional advisers - as they share special perspectives and understanding of both European and global regulatory enforcement challenges.

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Nov. 3-4, 2016
Brussels , Belgium

Day One - REACH and CLP Enforcement

Session 1 - High Level Overviews

  • Overview of ECHA Forum
  • ECHA - Initial focus on article 117 (2)
  • REACH review 2012, focus on enforcement and penalties across the EU
  • The importance of enforcement across the EU

Session 2 - Key enforcement issues

  • SONCS update - how the process is working
  • RF3 on registration duties
  • Dealing with enforcement of authorisation conditions
  • Market surveillance and enforcement of chemicals legislation

Session 3 - Enforcement of SVHCs in articles

  • Enforcement of SVHCs in articles:  experience and approaches 
  • How to be compliant as a wholesaler
  • Substances in articles and the enforcement of Article 7(2) notification

Session 4 - SDSs and classification

  • Labour and environmental regulation
  • C&L inventory notifications

Day Two- REACH and CLP enforcement (Cont'd) and global enforcement of chemical regulations

Session 5 - Enforcement of other EU regulations

  • Examples of enforcement actions for RoHS, REACH and POPs substance restrictions
  • Compliance with ROHS2
  • Compliance with the Cosmetic Products Regulation

Session 6 - Enforcement in European countries

  • Focus on Czech Republic
  • Enforcement in practice - Finland
  • Enforcement in Switzerland

Session 7 - Global enforcement

  • TSCA reform and next generation enforcement in the USA
  • Electronic exposure data bases and their use for enforcement in the USA
  • Enforcement in South Korea
  • Enforcement in China

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