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EV's: The Road to a Cleaner Future (Energy Series Part 3)

There are now more than 1 million EVs on the road, and the difference in impact is remarkable. Compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, emissions drop by 50% - 95%. EVs are starting to disrupt auto and oil business models because they are simpler to make, require less maintenance and no fossil fuels. What is the catch? We hear about range anxiety, unaffordability, and the emissions created to produce the vehicles. What innovations are taking place to make them more accessible and accepted? The road to a cleaner future is complicated but exciting. Join us for this business lunch to discuss electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging infrastructure with Network members TLT LLP, EcoMove and Alfen. The Future Economy Network are happy to announce Network members TLT LLP are kindly sponsoring this event. More information available on Eventbrite or our website.
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Nov. 17, 2020