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Air travel emissions could make up a large share of your organization’s GHG emissions and therefore significantly affect corporate sustainability goals. The Flight Distance Calculator can help you to collect and report your corporate air travel data more efficient in the future. Why join the webinar: The SoFi Flight Distance Calculator automatically calculates air travel distances by using preset values, such as types of flight lengths or cabin classes. This helps companies - collect large amounts of flight travel data - enter individual flight data easily into their existing SoFi systems - report more efficiently on company-wide GHG emissions from air travel When: May, 22nd, 4 - 5pm CET* Speaker: - Kerstin Stoll, Product Owner Corporate Sustainability Solutions, thinkstep AG - Andreas Schwegmann, Product Manager Corporate Sustainability Solutions, thinkstep AG Costs: This webinar is free
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May 22, 2019

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