Fundamental Contaminant Chemistry in Soil and Groundwater-Oct 18-19, 2016

This two-day course includes an overview of key chemistry concepts associated with environmental contamination and provides a foundation for understanding contaminant fate and transport. The concepts discussed are essential for understanding soil and groundwater contamination along with the selection of appropriate remediation approaches. The course begins with a review of basic chemistry concepts that are built upon as more complex topics are introduced. The first day includes a fundamental chemistry overview, covering chemical structure, properties, and reactions for metals and organic chemicals. On the second day, characteristics of subsurface systems are discussed along with detailed descriptions of contaminant transport and degradation mechanisms. A key goal of the class is for participants to become comfortable with the terminology and parameters used in environment chemistry and contaminant transport literature and studies. Concepts are illustrated using examples and historical context. For some examples, participants will use calculators. Spreadsheet models are provided to those interested in using simplified contaminant transport models. Major uncertainties and limitations of modeling approaches will also be discussed.
Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Oct. 18-19, 2016
Anchorage , AK , USA

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