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Groundwater Modeling Course


Gareth Owen is the President of GOwen Environmental Limited and has spent the last twenty seven years training other environmental professionals in the discipline of contaminated and hazardous waste site management.

Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Jun. 3, 2019
Toronto , ON , Canada

Course Offerings:

  • Overview of Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management
  • Principles of Contaminant Hydrogeology
  • Soil Chemistry of Hazardous Materials
  • Environmental Chemistry Made Easy For Site Investigation
  • Practical Model Applications for Risk Assessment and Site Remediation

Gareth Owen is the President of GOwen Environmental Limited and has spent the last twenty seven years training other environmental professionals in the discipline of contaminated and hazardous waste site management. Mr. Owen has managed over 600 contaminated sites including site and risk assessments, remedial plan development and expedited site closures for sites contaminated with hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, and radioactive waste. He has worked on and provided technical and/or managerial support to clients on over 3,700 sites worldwide. He has managed and provided program and project support on contaminated site investigations and remediation for soil, water, and sediment in every jurisdiction and at every level of government in the provinces and territories of Canada, and advised private and public sector clients on similar issues worldwide. He has worked with and instructed most regulatory agencies in Canada responsible for contaminated and hazardous waste site management.

His decision in 2001 to no longer participate in the investigation or the remediation of contaminated sites as a consultant or contractor, ensures the provision of sound and unbiased technical and managerial support to all his clients. It also ensures no conflict of interest with any environmental consulting or contracting firm providing contaminated site management services. Mr. Owen's principal responsibilities have included providing support to government agencies and multinational corporations in managing large and complex environmental programs and projects. His principal experience relates to contaminated site project management and closure as well as environmental program management. Mr. Owen will provide a detailed overview of Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management.

Dr. Ken Howard, University of Toronto, is a certified and chartered hydrogeologist, with broad experience in all aspects of groundwater resource evaluation, management and protection. As Director of the Groundwater Research Group at the University of Toronto, he has worked on numerous applied projects in Canada, U.K., the West Indies, equatorial Africa and Australia. He has published over 50 articles on topics that range from numerical flow modeling and contaminant migration to environmental isotopes and borehole geophysics. Dr. Howard will cover the Principles of Hydrogeology and will provide an overview of scientific principles Monday evening. After attending this lecture, the attendee will have an increased understanding of the physical and chemical processes that determine how contaminants are transported in the subsurface.

Dr. Derek Peak is a professor of Environmental Soil Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan, where he uses a wide range of laboratory and molecular-scale techniques to probe soil chemical processes. Dr. Peak has been a synchrotron user for 20 years and has served as a member and chair of the Canadian Light Source Users Advisory Committee. His overall research program focuses on using synchrotron-based chemical speciation techniques to determine nutrient and contaminant fate in soils and sediments. Major research themes include understanding the fate and transport processes that control phosphate availability in soils, developing sustainable agricultural development in West Africa, and effectively managing metal and metalloid affected soils produced as a result of natural resource extraction. He will lecture on Soil Chemistry of Hazardous Materials.

George(Bud) Ivey, is the President and Senior Remediation Specialist with Ivey International Inc. He has over twenty five years of environmental assessment and remediation experience, travelled to over 40 countries, and has worked on more than 1,500 projects internationally. His background includes: Organic Chemistry, Geological Engineering, and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management. His education and the school of hard knocks have provided him with a good foundation for assessing and remediating many of today’s environmental challenges. Among some of his more notable accomplishments include; being one of the few ECO-CANADA Nationally Approved Instructors for delivery of professional development courses, holds several International Patents, and has won many environmental awards including: The Globe Award, North American Frost & Sullivan Award, Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) Awards (2), R.F Weston Award, and the MISTIC Award. He continues to conduct applied soil, solid waste, waste water, and groundwater research, and is currently working on several international remediation projects Mr. Ivey will be presenting Environmental Chemistry Made Easy For Site Investigations.

Kristian Doerken, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., PE (VA) is the Product Manager for Visual MODFLOW and AquiferTest at Waterloo Hydrogeologic. He has over a decade of experience providing practical water resource solutions to municipal, federal, and industrial clients across North America. He has managed and executed a wide variety of projects including subsurface investigations, groundwater site characterization and modeling, remediation, and restoration; flood evaluations; water supply planning; watershed management and modeling; and stormwater management. Kristian’s mix of practical problem solving skills and water resources modeling expertise is driving our products forward and enables the delivery of cost-effective solutions to complex problems. Kristian will lecture on Practical Model Application for Risk Assessment and Site Remediation. Participants of this lecture will have increased knowledge of model applications, model selection, and model development and evaluation. He will also be conducting the evening workshop on Groundwater Modelling.

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