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IAIA20 - 40th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment


IAIA20 Smartening Impact Assessment: science, technology, and governance advancements toward efficiency and effectiveness.

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May 28-29, 2020
Seville Conference & Exhibition Centre (FIBES)
Seville , Spain

The recent data explosion, and the associated increase in the application of novel techniques and tools to manage and make sense of these data, are seamlessly increasing the information available to support assessments and decisions.

These advancements are potentially strengthening and bolstering impact assessment, planning, and decision-making practice through the delivery of evidence-based, spatially robust, and transparent information.

There are also indications that they can influence coordination of procedures and governance dynamics. But is the growing fl ow of spatio-temporal data and technological innovation truly leading to better assessments? Better decisions? Are we getting any wiser at taking better environmental action?

Against the backdrop of digital and technological progress, this conference aims to explore related scientific, technological, and governance developments to reflect on whether the impact assessment community is getting any smarter at bridging the science and art of impact assessment. Are we communicating scientific information appropriately across the various governance tiers and to all relevant players? Do we understand what the “right” information is for decisionmakers and, indeed, how data and methodological innovation are influencing decisions? Is this leading to a new era of impact assessment and thinking? Or do we remain in the status quo? These and some other contemporary questions will help address how we can make best use of scientific innovation to address current practical challenges.

  • Decision impacts: How is impact assessment truly influencing decisions?
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of impact assessment through collaboration
  • Efficient communication for streamlining processes
  • Big data analytics for tackling the biodiversity crisis
  • Impact assessment and management through technological advancements
  • Information overload and impact assessment: Effectively communicating risks and uncertainties
  • Tackling contemporary environmental issues: The contribution of smart technologies to monitoring
  • Investment and financing for environmental protection
  • Discussions will also address general IA topics and the world of IAIA special-interest Sections.

In addition to conference sessions, training courses, and special meetings, we are planning a range of technical visits that will involve learning, networking, and laughter as you are introduced to this beautiful part of Spain. Some examples:

  • Gemasolar power plant and La Monclova Castle: Gemasolar is the world’s first commercial-scale plant that applies the technology of a central tower receiver and thermal storage.
  • Doñana National Park: This protected area is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and a bird-watcher’s paradise. It is located 50 kilometers outside the city.
  • Olive groves: Andalusia is one of the largest producers of olive oil in Europe. This visit will cover ecological cultivation and its contribution to diminishing the environmental impact of this agricultural model.
  • Boat trip on the Guadalquivir: This visit will meander through this iconic river, exposing contrasting and biodiversity-rich landscapes all the way to the marshes of the Doñana National Park, a biodiversity hotspot in Europe.
  • Mining Park of Rio Tinto: Now closed, the extracted minerals colored and changed the properties of the Rio Tinto waters. The resulting environmental conditions were chosen by NASA scientists to test hypothetical visits to Mars.
  • El Camorro International Bird Migration Centre: This visit will examine this international enclave, a reference for the study of the migration of birds through the Gibraltar Straight.

IAIA20 is expected to attract more than 1000 international delegates from 80+ nations around the world with a large concentration expected from Europe.  One of the strengths of IAIA conferences is its diversity in participants from different sectors; IAIA conferences draw attendees from consultancies, government, industry, academia, research institutes, donor agencies, development banks, and NGOs in over 80 countries.

  • Enjoy direct access to new business leads from around the world.
  • Showcase your services to a captive and cutting-edge clientele.
  • Network, widen, and maintain contacts with your peers, clients, and those who conduct, evaluate and require IAs and IA tools.
  • Be inspired by attending and participating in stimulating and thought-provoking discussions.
  • Learn about cutting-edge IA theory and practice from around the world.
  • Disseminate and demonstrate your product and receive feedback.
  • Expand your products and services based on needs identified by delegates.

IAIA is the only interdisciplinary international association dedicated to impact assessment. Our annual conferences have brought together a unique mix of experts and professionals for over 39 years, and with over 1000 participants from 80+ countries expected in Seville, IAIA20 will continue that tradition.

Networking: Expand and maintain contacts with your peers, clients, and those who conduct, evaluate, and require impact assessments. Participate in one or more of many social events in a unique city.

Education & inspiration: Explore current best practice principles, recent tools, and techniques. Learn about cutting-edge IA theory and practice from around the world. Attend and participate in stimulating and thought-provoking discussions.

Options: Choose from numerous and diverse training courses, theme forums, technical visits, and over 100 sessions ranging from interdisciplinary approaches to topic-specific workshops.

Dissemination: Present your work and get international feedback. Abstracts for papers and posters are invited through 31October 2019. After the conference, offer to give a presentation or report to staff within your own organization, sharing the materials, insights, and opportunities you received at IAIA20.

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