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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference 2017


Industrial Methane Measurement Conference will take place on the 29th & 30th of November 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium. The Industrial Methane Measurement Conference 2017 will put a spotlight onto industry requirements in an increasingly regulated post ‘Paris Agreement’ world. Leading experts will discuss latest field studies and policy developments alongside showcasing cutting edge methods and novel technologies for monitoring fugitive methane emissions including leak detection, identification and quantification as well as long term monitoring.

Event Type:
Nov. 29-30, 2017
Antwerp , Belgium

  • Gain insights from the leading experts on the current state-of-the-art application of methane monitoring technologies
  • Understanding the pros and cons of available methane monitoring technologies that:
    • support regulatory compliance
    • increasing operational efficiency
    • most cost effectively reduces losses and fugitive emissions
  • Overviewing the emerging technological innovations for methane monitoring, including leak detection, quantification and long term monitoring
  • Understanding the current and potential future regulatory landscape
  • Learn about developments in emission monitoring methods and standardisation
  • Networking with key decision makers, industry stakeholders from across industrial sectors and leading international scientists in emissions monitoring

  • Industry, including oil & gas, waste management, product & equipment manufacturer sectors, petrochemicals, and agriculture industries
  • Policy makers and regulators, who set and enforce the requirements for monitoring methane
  • Scientists and academia, involved with developing the methods and quantification of fugitive emissions
  • Solution providers and consultants, who work with the above stakeholders in providing consultancy for the measurement of industrial methane emissions

Measurement and control of methane emissions is a significant issue across industries. National and international treaties necessitate a rapid reduction in emission rates of greenhouse gases. Next to associated health and safety risks on industrial sites, emissions of methane results in reduced profitability for the industry through the loss of a saleable asset. As a result, there is an increasing need to detect, monitor and address methane emissions from industries.

Techniques to monitor methane are developing rapidly and it can be a challenge to keep pace with the available methods, their relative advantages and disadvantages, and the evolving regulatory landscape. This event will clarify these issues and bring together a range of key stakeholders from across the sector, including industry, NGOs, government and academia, giving attendees a comprehensive understanding of these issues.

These discussion themes will review current drivers, capabilities and their effectiveness, and the future landscape:

  • Current state of knowledge of anthropogenic methane emission sources
  • Current capabilities and case studies
    • Real world industrial applications of current monitoring techniques
  • Regulation and drivers
    • E.g. International perspective, national reporting, permits, industry initiatives
  • Industry needs
    • E.g. Reasons for monitoring, data requirements, cost effectiveness, practicality
  • Quality assurance and validation
    • E.g. validation data, standardisation, performance assessments, understanding uncertainties
  • Understanding and interpreting measurement results in an industrial context
    • Linking and planning measurements taking into account uncontrolled and controlled emissions; how to link measurement expertise with industry process
  • Emerging technologies
    • What is the potential for new disruptive technologies? E.g. satellites, low cost sensors, UAVs, Aircore etc.

  • Keynote speakers/session talks:
    • scene setting with global perspective on needs and drivers
    • industry perspective(s)
    • current state of knowledge on emissions
  • Panel discussions:
    • Session 1: Real world industrial application of current techniques (day 1)
      • Current state of knowledge of anthropogenic methane emission sources
      • Regulation and drivers
      • Industry needs
    • Session 2: Industry needs, methods and regulation (international, national & initiatives) (day 1)
      • Current capabilities and case studies
      • Quality assurance and validation
    • Session 3: Future regulation, driving innovation & disruptive technologies
      • Future regulation and drivers
      • Understanding and interpreting measurement results in an industrial landscape
      • Emerging technologies

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