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International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference (IMVAC) 2016


The International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference (IMVAC) is a MUST ATTEND event for vibration analysts, condition monitoring technicians, and maintenance/reliability managers who want to improve their knowledge about vibration analysis and complimentary technologies. IMVAC will be held in USA, Europe and the Middle East markets annually.

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Oct. 31, 2016 - Nov. 2, 2016
B Resort & Spa
Orlando, , FL , USA

IMVAC is a new conference specifically for vibration analysts, condition monitoring technicians, condition monitoring managers and reliability engineers who want to improve their knowledge about vibration analysis and complimentary technologies. IMVAC is a professional development conference which provides new opportunities to learn from vibration analysis industry experts and vendors and gain exposure to new products that help analysts to better diagnose machine faults and determine the root causes of failure. Unlike Condition Monitoring and maintenance conferences, the IMVAC narrowly focuses its topics, agenda and experts on the needs of the beginner through advanced vibration analysts. Attendees of IMVAC also have a real opportunity to develop comradery with fellow vibration analysts and learn from their own experiences.


IMVAC is presented by Mobius Institute, and will be held in the USA, Europe and Middle East each year.

From workshops, learning sessions and case studies to the latest technologies featured in the expo, the International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial vibration analysis and complementary technologies during the three-day event.  It is our aim to provide you actionable new skills that you can take back to the plant to help you do your job better.  Theory is for the classroom, but IMVAC is for learning the practical aspects of vibration analysis and condition monitoring from industry experts and the experience of others.

  • Better support your plant's reliability initiative
    Vibration Analysis is a primary machine condition monitoring technology and is key for diagnosing faults and root causes of machine failure.  Attendees of IMVAC will become stronger and more knowledgeable analysts who will support a stronger reliability initiative.
  • To learn new things not available in a course or your plant
    Training courses teach vibration analysis theory and practice, but learning from conference experts bring an applied perspective to topics based on personal experience.  As well, experiences that you've learned at your plant are limited to the situations which present themselves.  IMVAC's presenters bring deep experience to their presentations that will teach you new things that you will not learn without this insight and exposure.
  • To learn about new technology
    A conference exposition is a great means to become exposed to new technology offerings.  At IMVAC we take this further through our AWARENESS DAY sessions, where you will learn about products and technologies in small groups, where you sit across the table from experts.  You will learn about new vibration instrumentation, sensors, ultrasound testing, NDT, bearings, alignment, balancing, and more.
  • Connect with experts and peers
    IMVAC offers several networking events including a welcome social and networking sessions at the end of each full-conference day, where you can meet peers and experts and share best practices and develop relationships that can support your efforts for years to come.
  • Become more valuable to your condition monitoring team
    IMVAC gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, ideas and strategies to be a better vibration analyst so that you will become a stronger member of your team.  With a greater ability to diagnose faults, troubleshoot problems, determine root causes of machine problems, and understand precision maintenance skills, you bring greater value to your plant.
  • Learn new skills you can implement right away
    IMVAC's workshops, presentations and Awareness Day sessions will will expand your knowledge and help you find proven solutions to address specific problems back at your plant.
  • Find new technology suppliers
    You don't become exposed to resources that help you do your job at a training course or through your typical experiences.  Meeting with IMVAC exhibitors provide you new insight to what technology and resources that are available to help you do your job more effectively.
  • Participate in and learn from round table sessions
    Round table sessions are a great opportunity to bring up issues that affect you, and to learn from other analyst and expert's experiences in an open and collective discussion format.
  • Invest in your future
    IMVAC is a great investment in your career.  With the learning opportunities, keynote presentations, Awareness Day and exposure to industry experts, you will receive great dividends from your conference investment.
  • Share what you've learned back at the plant
    IMVAC attendees will receive access to the conference library of recorded presentations.  Not only will you be able to view recorded sessions you were not able to attend, you can share the practical, experienced-based teachings that you learned at IMVAC with your co-workers.

IMVAC will partner with industry’s leading vendors of vibration analysis technology and services, and providers of related technologies important to vibration analysts and condition monitoring specialists.  These vendors will not only provide a showcase of their technology and offerings, but will be hosting our Awareness Day sessions, where throughout this day, they will be providing 20-minute hands-on training sessions in the exhibition hall, allowing our delegates to learn about new tools and techniques that will help them save time, increase their accuracy, and extend their capabilities.

Our exhibition hall will present the best-of-class partners who provide:

  • Vibration data collectors
  • Vibration analysis and automated diagnostic systems
  • Sensors, cables and essential accessories
  • New optical motion analysis technology
  • Wireless technology
  • Continuous monitoring systems
  • Vibration analysis and condition monitoring online training
  • Field balancing systems and training
  • Laser shaft alignment systems and training
  • Infrared thermography cameras
  • Ultrasound detection and analysis systems
  • Motor circuit and current analysis systems
  • Vibration analysis & asset management consultants
  • And more…

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