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Introduction for Wetland Identification

In this one-day combination classroom and field course, a nationally recognized wetlands expert will review the skills you need to identify freshwater wetlands and their boundaries and introduce you to wetland plant identification and soil recognition. You will learn: -Why wetlands are important -How they differ -What indicators are used for wetland identification -About the current regulations in New Jersey You'll also find out how to access and use government maps in order to identify wetlands on your property, on lands you may be interested in purchasing or on properties on which you conduct environmental, landscaping or other site development or remediation work. You'll even get a simple introduction to the practice of wetland delineation (the technical skill of determining a wetlands precise boundaries) --- all in one day!
Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Jun. 12, 2019
Somerset County Environmental Education Center - Lord Stirling Park
Basking Ridge , NJ , USA

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