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Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling Latest Research and Equipment Options


In this webinar, David Kaminski will present the latest information on well purging protocols, and discuss low-flow sampling pump options, including the newest pumping equipment available for low-flow sampling. David will describe traditional well purging practices and how these have evolved into today`s practice of low-flow purging and sampling. Information about controlling sample turbidity, the correlation of drawdown and indicator parameter stabilization, and guidelines for proper application of low-flow sampling will be covered.

Event Type:
Mar. 29, 2018
Thu, Mar 29, 2018 11:00, IST
Dexter , MI , USA

Presentation Will Include:

  • Traditional well purging practices
  • Effects of purging on sample chemistry
  • What is low-flow purging and sampling?
  • Advantages of low-flow purging and sampling
  • What do low-flow samples represent?
  • Low-flow application guidelines
  • Purging and sampling flow rates
  • Water level drawdown recommendations
  • Indicator parameter stabilization criteria
  • Pump placement and well screen length
  • Low-flow sampling pump options

  • Facility Environmental Managers
  • Engineers
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Plant Utility Workers
  • Engineering Firms
  • Sampling Contractors
  • Consultants and Regulators

A question and answer session will immediately follow the presentation.


David Kaminski is Senior Vice President of QED Environmental Systems and a frequent presenter on groundwater sampling technology to organizations, universities, and regulatory agencies worldwide.  He has been awarded four U.S. patents for developing new devices and methods for groundwater sampling applications and is an instructor at the Princeton Groundwater Pollution & Hydrology course (www.princeton-groundwater.com).

Over the past 30, years he has published several papers on groundwater sampling practices and sampling system design and has presented these topics at over 100 conferences, seminars and field courses. Now, he will be sharing his considerable knowledge in the field of groundwater monitoring and sampling with all who attend the webinar.

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