The Offshore Northern Seas (ONS)

ONS 2018


ONS has become one of the world’s most important meeting places for everyone involved in the energy business. The 2012 event will be no exception.

Event Type:
Aug. 27-30, 2018
Stavanger Forum Hall
Stavanger , Norway

  • 1 241 exhibitors from 40 countries in 2016
  • 65 718 visitors in 2016
  • New exhibition hall in 2016
  • Exhibition area: 37 000 square metres
  • Exhibition space (stands): 24 000 square metres
  • Main theme for 2016: Transition

The ONS Conference is known as one of the world’s most important oil, gas and energy fora, giving the delegates a sneak peek into the future of the energy world. 90 % of the delegates from ONS 2016 say they are likely to attend the conference in 2018 as well.

This is ONS’ main conference feature, and brings together the key players in the international oil and gas industry and ministers and officials from oil and gas producing countries.

We believe it is important to have the decision makers present when major international issues are discussed, and do our best to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across the global energy industry.

But make no mistake – the ONS Conference is interesting, useful and valuable to anyone who wants to know what is going on in the energy business. The topics range from global political and environmental issues to finance, security – and always address the current topics relevant to the industry.

This is the place where energy is explained, giving you the knowledge you need to handle the future.

Network with the decision makers
The ONS Conference is a remarkable network arena giving you the chance to get in contact with the influential individuals and decision makers of the industry.

Our survey after ONS 2016 revealed 73 % of the conference delegates made new contacts.

90 % of delegates say they will return
The ONS 2016 survey shows also show the conference delegates are the most satisfied of all the participants at ONS. They highly value the ONS as a meeting place and say the conference gave them value for money.

In fact, 90 % of the delegates at the conference in 2016 say they are likely to attend in the future as well.

ONS Technical Sessions – securing your next business!

Get ready for a completely new way of debating the technological challenges facing the industry – and pinpointing your next business opportunity!

The Technical Sessions Committee – a selection of the energy industry’s best and brightest – have used their aggregated centuries of experience and identified cost inflating bottlenecks and topics through the entire value chain in the North Sea region.

We then invited companies and organisations to submit their suggestions for technology solutions: Demand and supply 101.

The result: the challenges will be addressed from the problem owners’ perspective – followed by a selection of the possible solutions.

What’s in it for you?
Delegates to these sessions will learn about the challenges, how far the industry has come in solving them, thus enabling them to see if and where their own product or idea fits in – and meet the key market players at the same arena.

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