Operational Excellence: Beyond Lean Six Sigma and The Balanced Scorecard


Learn how to solve costly business problems and add real value to organizations by applying the best of Lean Six Sigma with enhanced scorecarding within an Operational Excellence system.

Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Oct. 28, 2016
Thompson Conference Center, Room 3.122 2405 Robert Dedman Dr
Austin , TX , USA

Course Overview

This four-hour workshop will go over the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and how to expand the concepts beyond the typical process-improvement project execution model with improved metric identification and predictive performance reporting. Participants will learn how to reduce the time to complete tasks, enhance the customer experience, and decrease the number of defects and reworks. The expanded Lean Six Sigma concepts discussed will help participants understand the data-based decisions they can make at both the strategic and day-to-day operational level.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Improve organizational scorecard reporting
  • Create and execute targeted strategies
  • Execute a Lean Six Sigma project execution roadmap
  • Enhance traditional business scorecards by using predictive performance reporting
  • Describe how to implement an effective Operational Excellence system

Benefits to you:

  • Improve process efficiency with analytics
  • Use measurable results to improve performance
  • Create solutions that reduce the time to complete tasks
  • Identify waste and implement changes to reduce defects
  • Use metric tools that help eliminate process variability
  • Positively impact customer satisfaction

Who should attend:

  • This training is designed for business professionals or companies who desire an understanding of Operational Excellence and the foundations of Lean Six Sigma that goes beyond basic improvement projects.


  • No prior Lean Six Sigma training is required

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