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PFC Introductory Training-Minneapolis


This four-day course provides guidance in the use of the PFC2D and PFC3D to simulate the mechanical behavior of granular and solid materials. The focus is on simulating the fracture and flow of brittle rock-like materials. PFC software provides a general distinct-element engine along with the embedded language FISH, which provides full access to the internal variables of the model and allows one to implement user-defined behaviors. Most PFC modeling requires the use of FISH. When the distinct-element framework that forms the theoretical basis for PFC is understood and FISH is mastered, PFC software can be used to simulate any physical process whose physics can be described by the interactions of discrete bodies. The course combines lectures with hands-on modeling exercises; thus, each student MUST have their own laptop with administrative rights.

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Workshops/Training Courses
Apr. 6-9, 2020
Barrel House
Minneapolis , MN , USA

Language: English

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Senior Geomechanics and Software Engineer

Dr. Potyondy has developed and applied both continuum and discontinuum models to represent damage and flow processes on both a macro- and a micro-scale. He has directed development of the PFC software, has developed the structural-element logic in FLAC3D and has developed novel techniques for applying micro-mechanical discontinuum models to fracture-related boundary-value problems, including the prediction of excavation damage produced by stress, temperature and stress corrosion.

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