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Pharmaceutical Water Systems 2019


Pharmaceutical Water Systems are critical to routine manufacturing of product as well as for use within the cleanroom (Room Disinfection). Some water systems are also used to generate feed water which is critical to the manufacturing of product. Difficulties and associated water failures and investigations, have led to several product manufacturing delays due to inability to use the affected water for the manufacturing of product as well as for their cleanroom operation. The cost associated with failure investigation, failed water system and impact to the manufacturer operation is high hence having a good knowledge of these requirements and how to apply it to new or existing water systems will benefit the attendee.

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May 16-17, 2019
Hyderabad, TS , India


This seminar will help the attendee gain an understanding of the requirements of Pharmaceutical Water Systems per current USPWater for Pharmaceutical Purposes. This seminar will describe the different types of pharmaceutical water systems, the importance of Validation, Monitoring, design and routine testing.

This interactive workshop will also guide drug product manufacturers with a new or existing water system about the appropriate types of testing, frequency, as well as Water System Investigation.

    • Quality Assurance Personnel and Management
    • Quality Control Personnel and Management
    • Laboratory Managers
    • Testing Analysts and Technicians
    • Manufacturing Personnel and Management
    • Suppliers and Vendors of Pharmaceutical Water Systems
    • Validation Personnel and Management
  • Supplier Quality Assurance Personnel and Management
  • Regulatory Affairs Personnel and Management
  • Shipping and Receiving Personnel and Management
  • Facility and Maintenance Personnel and Management
  • Microbiologist Personnel and Management
  • Engineering Personnel and Management
  • Materials Management Personnel and Management

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