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Pollutec Horizons 2011

Over the 4 days of Pollutec Horizons in Paris, more than 45 000 decision makers and specifiers from industry and local authorities will come to learn about and exchange information on the environmental and economic challenges of today and tomorrow, to discover innovations for the prevention and treatment of pollution and to implement the solutions for the future being presented by 1,500 Environment and Sustainable Development professionals and experts.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 29, 2011 - Dec. 2, 2011
Paris-Nord Villepinte
Paris , France

Pollutec 2010, Environment Capital

Fair global reference for environmental professionals, Pollutec Lyon gathers for 4 days all the techniques for preventing and treatement of pollution of all kinds and more generally for the preservation of the environment and the implementation of sustainable development.

This 24th edition will bring together 2,400 exhibitors offering products across a range of sectors in response to market development together with 75,000 trade visitors from industry, local authorities, construction and the service sector.


The Global event for equipment and services for industrial processes and water treatment

Located at the heart of the Rhône-Alpine industrial basin, Pollutec 2010 offers a unique array of equipment, technologies and services for the management of industrial processes and water treatment for Building and Civil Engineering, the Food Industry, Energy, Industry (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mecanics, metals...).

  • 40,000 sq.m. of exhibition space dedicated to the industrial market for Water.
  • Exceptional growth in exhibition area in 2008: + 16%
  • All the global market leaders will be present

Six major centres dedicated to Water and Waste water :

  • Water Collection – Drilling – Storage
  • Pipes – Networks – Constructive works
  • Pumps – Taps and Fittings – Meters
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment – Reuse
  • Water Management and Exploitation – Services
  • Analysis – Measurement – Monitoring

Pollutec « Environment Capital » propose the best of environmental equipments, technologies and services in all sectors.

The traditionally technical visitor base of Pollutec became more diverse in 2008 and was marked by a steep rise in the number of specifiers, construction and transport professionals.

The environment and sustainable development are at the heart of all activities

Talk directly to those who matter

Visitors area of interest

The change in the nature of the visitors was reflected in a broader spread of visitor interests favouring such new sectors as Energy, Sustainable Building, Sustainable Development, Ethical Buying, Health or Marine Pollution. This year, energy was a prime interest for 39.7% of the visitors. This is a sector that has enjoyed very rapid growth at the show since 2004 and its presence now revolves around four main themes: renewables (19.5%), energy saving and efficiency (13.4%), combating greenhouse gases (3.5%) and urban mobility (3.3%).

A strengthened international dimension

By bringing together
8,422 professionals drawn from 110 countries
Pollutec confirmed its position as the world's leading event for the environment market
with an 11% increase in the number of foreign visitors compared with 2006.

As a must for environment professionals, over a period of 4 days Pollutec Horizons will attract in Paris more than 40,000 decision makers from Industry, Construction, the Service sector and Local Authorities in search of comprehensive solutions to the environmental and economic challenges of today and tomorrow.

Spreading of the 2008 exhibitors per sector

2008 Exhibitors per countries

For the last 5 year Pollutec has not just confined itself to promoting best practices but has set an example through a series of measures aimed at minimizing its own impact on the environment.

Highlights include

  • Printing of all the show's promotional literature by Imprim' vert [green print] compliant printers on paper from well managed forests
  • Increased use of electronic communications and web tools to reduce the consumption of paper, and in particular through the virtualization of the technical guide.
  • Availability of wooden or board ‘environmental’ stands
  • Facilities for sorted waste collection in order to assist with the recycling of the 118 or so tons of waste generated at the show: installation of around 10 Sorting Points (paper, glass, other waste), glass collection every afternoon from the stands and recovery of aluminium beer cans from around the bars in partnership with CKFD
  • Introduction of car sharing with
  • The use of environmental friendly materials at Buy&Care: Body-coloured board partitions, low voltage lighting and carpet recovered and used for the manufacture of shoes, soles and groundsheets
  • The sending of all mailings to exhibitors is carried out by Handirect. The majority of the employees of this network of adapted companies are handicapped and the network undertakes, in particular, that:
    • Between 30 and 80% (for adapted companies) of the employees in each outlet are handicapped
    • Distribution of 10% of the profits of the outlet to the employees
    • All the employees are covered by mutual insurance and a social security provision

New in 2009

  • Introduction of an online greenhouse gas emission calculator that enables visitors to calculate the emissions of their trip to the exhibition and to offset their carbon footprint by a donation. This system, developed in partnership with the Action Carbon programme of the GoodPlanet Foundation, will fund NGO projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries
  • Use of a carpet that will be recovered and 100% exploited for the manufacture of shoes, soles and groundsheets. This initiative means that 13 tons of carpet will no longer go to a special landfill site

The sorting of waste at Pollutec 2008 resulted in the collection of:

  • 253.92 tonnes of ordinary industrial waste
  • 4.16 tonnes of glass
  • 20.16 tonnes of cardboard
  • 32.6 tonnes of wood 

Pollution treatment

  • Air
  • Analysis-Measurement-Monitoring
  • Noise
  • Sites and Soils
  • Waste
  • Water

Resource Optimization

  • Recycling and exploiting materials
  • Water re-use and saving
  • Management of fluids and networks

Energy and Climate

  • Change
  • Carbon management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy exploitation of waste
  • Renewables

Sustainable Development

  • Biodiversity and cultural heritage
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Risks and regulations
  • Buy & Care: the sustainable procurement show


In partnership with trade associations and professional organizations, Focus Horizons shines the spotlight on: the Performance of Industrial Processes, Biotechnologies, Photocatalysis, Supercritical fluids and membranes, Satellite applications.


5 sets of awards and trophies will be presented for innovative products or approaches: the Business Awards for the Environment, the European Environmental Innovation Awards (EEP Awards), the Innovative Techniques for the Environment Awards, the Eco Stand Awards, the Buy&Care Innovation Award.


The show hosts competitiveness centres, clusters and research laboratories, as well as financial institutions and venture capital companies.


Managing directors, elected representatives, regional managers from industry, local authorities and the environment.

…looking for new solutions

  • economical
  • productive
  • environmentally friendly
  • performing


From the Construction, Commerce, Mass distribution, Agriculture and Service sectors.
…looking for expertise, training and guidance


POLLUTEC HORIZONS is number one worldwide. In 2009 international exhibitors accounted for 30% of the total, there were 18 national pavilions and numerous private sector companies from 36 countries.


from 103 nationalities confirm the commitment of companies and organizations involved in the environment from around the world.


POLLUTEC HORIZONS is the show for decision makers regarding Environment and Sustainable Development.

In 2009 there was a 24% increase of the number of managing directors visiting the show and Pollutec Horizons attracted large numbers of elected representatives and regional officials in charge of the environment, water, sewerage and public facilities…

In addition to the manufacturers, specifiers and local authority officials who are the show’s traditional targets, meet the new players in the field of Construction, Commerce and Mass distribution, Agriculture and the Service sector, who brought fresh blood to the pool of visitors in 2009.


The international dimension of the show becomes stronger and stronger every year and the proportion of international visitors keeps on increasing.

In 2009, POLLUTEC HORIZONS welcomed 5,500 foreign visitors looking for technical solutions and strategic partners to answer their local challenges.

Your expertise highlighted in dedicated spaces

Information, training, solutions: Pollutec Horizons offers a global approach to the challenges facing visitors through almost 300 lectures and discussions. Make your innovations known there!

    Organize your own conference in a forum in order to highlight your innovations and expertise.
    Organized in partnership with trade associations and professional organizations, the Villages are clusters of solutions, information and expertise.
    Draw your targets’ attention to your technological solutions through the themed “Lead Stories”

Your products listed all year long on

  • Your company page on allows you to list your products and know-how right away in a key environment market directory.
  • Effective and targeted tools to manage traffic to your stand: advertisements, links, banners…

Your business optimized through personalized services

  • Use MyPollutec meetings, to access investment projects announced by visitors and qualified contacts on
  • 500 e-mail addresses of pre-registered visitors made available to promote your presence at Pollutec Horizons to a selected target group.
  • Business meetings organized by our partners.

 Your participation supported by sustained promotion

  • A media schedule involving over 200 trade, business and general titles every year in France and abroad.
  • A massive mailing of invitations to 250,000 contacts.
  • 2,000,000 e-newsletters sent out in 2 languages to relevant professionals (french and english).
  • Visitor Guide sent to pre-registered visitors and “Environnement Magazine” subscribers - 60,000 copies.
  • The Catalogue which presents all the exhibitors and what’s on show.
  • The newspaper distributed in 2 languages presenting market and show news and sent out to 110,000 former visitors.