Fiera Milano spa

Fiera Milano spa



The 18th edition of SICUREZZA, the two-yearly international exhibition on Security & Fire Prevention, has closed its doors, leaving both exhibitors and visitors well satisfied. The 2015 edition was held in Fiera Milano from 3 to 5 November  and was the first in the odd-numbered years. A range of products to keep you on the forefront of technological development, with integration as its keyword: although security remained the show’s core business, other sectors with common parameters also featured at the show, opening a window on the world of the Internet of Things.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 15-17, 2017
Fiera Milano , Italy

Having confirmed its role as Italy’s leading event in the sector and one of the foremost in Europe, thanks to the success of the 2014 show, SICUREZZA will be approaching the market again in 2015 with a “special” edition, now that it has been moved into odd calendar years, and with an innovative exhibition plan which focuses increasingly on the integration of systems and technologies.

Opening a window on the “Internet of Things” (IoT), in which ‘things’ become smart, communicate with each other and are all linked up in a single network, SICUREZZA 2015, along with security, its primary core business, will be focusing its attention on products and solutions linked to synergic sectors like domotics, road safety and cyber security. There will also be space for urban lighting, special vehicles, GPS systems, and products and services that detect and extinguish fires. Because, in a world that is continuously evolving, it’s not just physical and logical security that’s important. Security is becoming a strategic driver for business, a factor that is fundamental not only to ensure protection and control, but also to monitor performance and remote management.

  • Anti-Intrusion And Burglary Systems
  • Crime Prevention
  • Cyber Security
  • Fire Prevention
  • General Purpose Protection Equipment, Systems And Products
  • Integrated And Intelligent Buildings
  • Lamps And Lights
  • Noise Reduction Equipment, Systems, Products And Studies
  • Personal Protection Appliances And Products
  • Security And Automation For High Risk Business
  • Security For Valuables, Documents And Information - Intelligence
  • Service Activities

As an effective industrial policy tool and a driver for development, SICUREZZA offers a real opportunity to:

  • encourage contact between the national and international supply and demand
  • introduce trade professionals attending the show to the new features and the advantages of the latest technological solutions
  • expand your business through matching and meeting with high-profile buyers, especially from the Mediterranean area, Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  • get updated on the latest trends and raise awareness in the industry
  • create culture in the sector, by involving trade professionals in hands-on update sessions and professional training
  • introduce institutions to the opportunities offered by the security sector today to encourage global economic development

SICUREZZA 2015 is directed at all trade professionals in the security sector.

Professionals who work on the idea or the design, who create the product or conduct maintenance, who install individual products/systems or integrated system solutions.

SICUREZZA and its exhibitors are ready to respond to the professional requirements of:

  • designers
  • distributors
  • security and electrical systems installers
  • system integrators
  • security managers working in large-scale companies and on extensive sites
  • risk managers working in large companies, in large-scale distribution and on extensive sites
  • computer technicians and IT managers
  • networking/ telecommunications consultants
  • final users (banks, points of sale and large-scale distribution)
  • the public administration and local authorities
  • institutions
  • the forces of law and order

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