South Atlantic Well Drillers

South Atlantic Well Drillers

South Atlantic Jubilee - 2019


Over time, the JUBILEE has grown and evolved from a small, informal one state get together into the famous industry event that now exists. However, in spite of its growth and the changes in the industry, the JUBILEE still lives up to the founders desire that it bring the well industry together for education, networking and exposure to the newest in industry technologies and services while at the same time remaining a family friendly event.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Jul. 27-29, 2019
Myrtle Beach Convention Center
Myrtle Beach , SC , USA

The JUBILEE is dedicated to the following purposes:

  • To deal with trade and promotion of the business of water well drilling, the installation of groundwater systems, and related ground water activities, particularly in the South Atlantic area of the United States; and, to produce a trade show for those interested in the water well drilling and ground water related industries;
  • To provide educational programs designed to improve the professionalism, technical expertise and image of the industry;
  • To cooperate with manufacturers, suppliers, drillers and installers of related ground water systems and their associates in the industry, including particularly state ground water and water well associations located in the South Atlantic region, in all lawful matters of common interest;
  • To act as a trade association for the industry in the South Atlantic region, in cooperation with state water well associations, and to perform services which can better be performed as a group than separately; and,
  • To perform any other lawful acts to help those in the ground water industries to serve the public and promote expansion of the industry.

The South Atlantic Jubilee awards scholarships to deserving students who are attending a vocational school or college for post-secondary education. The scholarship can be utilized for tuition, books or lab fees.

Eligibility: Any properly executed application will be accepted. However, a higher priority will be given to any applicant who is pursuing a degree in water well or ground water related studies. To qualify, the applicant must:

Be a member, or the child, grandchild or spouse of an individual member in good standing (membership for a minimum of three years) of one of the JUBILEE state associations;

Be a high school senior, high school graduate, or college undergraduate;

Maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average during their last two years of formal education. An applicant who has been out of school for more than two years may submit transcripts or no less than two employment related recommendations.

Be able to provide transcripts including cumulative grade point averages (high school seniors) or the latest available transcript from an educational institution.

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