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Stormwater Management: The Case for a One Water View - Webinar


This Total Water Solutions–oriented webinar offers conceptual and practical perspectives and guidance on stormwater planning and management and outlines key stakeholder perspectives and considerations. Viewers will learn interdisciplinary approaches to sample, formulate, and apply to their own stormwater management initiatives.

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Aug. 26, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MT

A wide scope of concerns, including water quantity/quality degradation, aging infrastructure, increasingly diverse and competing stakeholder needs and expectations, stressed legal and financial structures, and climate change, have imposed several challenging boundary conditions on an already-fragile resource and infrastructure state. These stresses compel the need to gain an expanded vision (“new frontiers”) in water resource system planning and practice. In this regard, integrated water management schemes framed around “One Water” or “Total Water” offer a solid representation of these needed frontiers.

Drawing upon this background, this webinar is designed to highlight and collectively discuss a range of integrated water resources planning subjects, all anchored within the general rubric of stormwater management (STWM). Through a series of short presentations and a concluding question–answer (Q&A) session, we will survey key scientific, social, economic, environmental, and public well-being considerations linked to stormwater management, while also identifying concrete successes and challenges experienced by the webinar panel representatives (case studies).  Specific themes/subjects covered in this webinar include:  (1) identification of plan drivers;  (2) plan goals and objectives;  (3) delineation of metrics;  (4) stakeholder identification and engagement;  (5) principal plan components;  (6) process and workflow; (7) decision science/analysis;  (8) plan implementation; and (9) plan monitoring, auditing, conformance, and updating/innovation.  Key perspectives and considerations will include those of system owners and originating within utilities, government, and managerial (oversight) bodies, consulting and technical support organizations, along with those found in the research, development, and innovation world(s).

Among the important utility problems/concerns this webinar will address are the following:

  • The call for (and applications of) sound data and science in stormwater management
  • Development and implementation of more comprehensive and inclusive (better) management paradigms (e.g., Effective Utility Management)
  • Interdisciplinary considerations of science, economics, environment, public outreach, customer expectations, and customer service
  • Accountability/responsibility
  • Collaboration and partnering
  • Data acquisition and use
  • Systems engineering/optimization
  • Emerging/future stresses and concerns, e.g., climate variation, degrading water quantity/quality, variable and/or tightening regulations, increasing public visibility and expectations, sustainable financing, etc.
  • Specific technology, tools, approaches – elucidated through case studies.

The webinar will pave the way for acquiring and applying a wide range of takeaways (“lessons learned”) via a case study and question-answer (Q&A) format.  Future collaboration and networking opportunities (follow-up) will also be an action/outcome available to all webinar participants.

  1. Better understand the principal aspects of integrated STWM, including chief benefits and challenges
  2. Better understand a range of emerging stresses and considerations for future STWM
  3. Gain insight from several recent STWM case studies and examples
  4. Compare/evaluate case study applicability; develop cross-over and takeaway elements
  5. Apply cross-over and takeaway elements to new STWM projects and programs

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