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Subcon Thailand 2019


SUBCON Thailand 2019 is the 13th edition of ASEAN’s Leading Industrial Subcontracting and Business Matching Event. This is the only event jointly organized by the BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (BUILD) from the Thailand Board of Investment, UBM Asia (Thailand) and the Thai Subcontracting Promotions Association. The show is designed exclusively to present business opportunities for industrial part-makers and help them meet and negotiate business with major industrial part-buyers and manufacturers from Tier 1 and Tier 2 in the 5 new S-Curve industries. Also the entrepreneurs in supporting industries and those who seek to move into targeted industries to further enhance their business opportunities. The 2019 show will showcase over 10,000 quality industrial components and parts from Thailand, ASEAN and Japanese part-manufacturers.

Event Type:
May 8-11, 2019
Bangkok , China

Why Exhibiting at Subcon Thailand 2019 is a Must...

  • Full Support from the Thailand Board of Investment.
  • 400 Quality Part Makers from 17 countries.
  • 25000 Buyers from various industries such as future automotive, aerospace, robotics, medical device
  • Buyers' Village featuring over 15 top industrial part buyers invited by the BOI from Europe, Korea, China and Japan in the new S-Curve industry. A Special opportunity to discuss part requirements and procurement policies.
  • Special Major Pavilions i.e. Thai Subcontracting Association, Taiwan, Japan.
  • Business Matching Program; exclusively for exhibitors.
  • BOI facilitates business linkage between industrial part-makers and part-buyers from around the world.
  • Seminars and future Industry showcases. All are related to the new S-Curve Industry. Presented by world-leading experts, policy-makers, and top machinery manufacturers.

Co-organi8ed SUBCON Thailand by:

  • The BOI Division for Industrial Linkage Development, Thailand Board of Investment
  • The Thai Subcontracting Promotions Association
  • UBM Asia fThailand) Co., Ltd.

Supported by:

  • Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)
  • The Medical and Health Device Manufacturers Industry Club (MeDIC), the Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.)
  • Thai-German Institute (TGI)
  • The Thai Automotive Industry Association (TAIA)
  • Thai Autoparts Manufacturers Association (TAPMA)
  • Alliance for Supporting Industries Association (A.S.I.A)
  • Thai Tool and Die Industry Association (TDIA)
  • Thai Foundry Association

Exhibitor Profile
Manufacturers of

  • Metal Parts (Design and Machining Service, Heat Treatment Casting, Forging, Stamping, Sintering, Fabrication)
  • Plastic & Rubber Parts (Molding, Injection, Blowing, Extrusion, Calendaring)
  • Electrical & Electronics Components
  • Mold & Die
  • Tooling, Jig & Fixture, Automation and Motion Technology
  • Software
  • Other related Supporting Industries e.g. Logistics Service Providers, Research Organisation, Government Agancy

Visitor Profile
Buyers / Entrepreneurs in

  • Automobile and Auto Parts Manufacturing Industry
  • Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing
  • Machinery Manufacturing Industry
  • Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturing
  • Industrial Supply & Services
  • Medical Device Parts Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Parts Manufacturing
  • Government Agency/State Enterprises

Highlight Activitie

  • Subcontracting Exhibition - an exhibition of Thai and Asian supporting industries featuring 300 local and international subcontractors
  • Business Matchmaking Program - business matchmaking and industrial linkage activity allowing Thai SME subcontractors to identify business partners, enter into business collaboration, explore new marketing channels, and engage in one-on-one meetings pre-arranged by the buyers and the sellers
  • Buyers' Village - venue for top buyers and international procurement offices in Thailand and other countries to exhibit the parts, they need to procure or for which they require subcontractors
  • Innovation to Business - links and matches research and development agencies to the manufacturing industry. Identifies products and parts to help commercialize innovations
  • Industrial Clinic - an advisory clinic where industrial entrepreneurs can obtain valuable advices on business development and investment from relevant governmental and private agencies
  • Seminars - educational and visionary seminars for industrial entrepreneurs covering interesting topics including investments opportunity analysis, business strategies, management and technology and product development

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