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SUM 2018 - Fourth Symposium on Urban Mining and Circular Economy

Following the great success of the third edition held in 2016, SUM 2018 will be held in the old Monastery of Saint Augustine in Bergamo upper city, in May 2018. To achieve a virtuous application and optimization of current practice, urban mining and circular economy are dependent on the appropriate combination of three worlds (TRIANGLE concept): research and technology (private and public) / administration, economy and industry / policy and regulation. The Symposium will last three days and will include oral sessions, a poster session and a technical tour. The following topics, among others, will be extensively discussed: waste avoidance, sources and characterization of resources in urban areas, technologies for the extraction of materials, techniques of waste segregation, separate collection, recovery of abandoned urban areas, carbon and water footprint of material recycling, economic and legal aspects, urban mining and circular economy concepts in developing countries.
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May 21-23, 2018
Monastery of Saint Augustine
Bergamo , Italy

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