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Sustaining an Asset Management Program: What Works? - Webinar

Has your utility kicked off its asset management program with initial acceptance, but interest is waning? In this webinar, discover key elements, such as change management strategy, that are used by operating utilities to sustain their asset management programs. Many utilities have developed asset management programs, but they want to make sure their program is incorporated into routine, daily operations. Along with risk, cost, and level of service, utilities are confronted with addressing change management, strategy, and culture in order to ensure their greatest asset—staff— understands and embraces asset management at all organizational levels.
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Aug. 19, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MT

Asset management programs take multiple years to establish, but with collaboration and integrated processes, fact-based, asset lifecycle decisions can be made. Drivers for implementing programs vary by stakeholder characteristics such as utility size, geography, regulatory compliance, risk reduction, justification for increased renewal and replacement budgets, or just the desire to be a leading utility. No matter what the initial drivers are, the challenge remains to sustain an asset management program and integrate it into the way you do business on a daily basis.

There are many good examples and common threads for what makes a successful and sustainable asset management program. This session’s objective is to provide an overview of the key elements of successful and sustainable asset management programs, using case studies that depict overcoming roadblocks and achieving sustainable programs. Participants can ask questions, learn best practices, and learn how to avoid some of the pitfalls in sustaining an asset management program.

After kicking off an asset management program, utilities are finding it difficult to maintain a process, whether because of staff turnover, lost interest, financial restraints or lack of resources. Change management and governance structures are two crucial components of asset management that may fall by the wayside yet influence the program's sustainability. From this webinar, attendees will learn strategies to implement at their utility and ways to regain traction as part of the program's continued improvement.

  1. Identify the key attributes of a sustainable and successful asset management program.
  2. Explore how organizational and other attributes may shape a program's structure.
  3. Determine how governance structures propel programs into routine business operations.
  4. Understand key pitfalls to navigate.
  5. Recognize strategy and change management's roles in adopting substantiable practices.

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