The 4th China International Coal Clean Energy Industry Expo​ 2016


2016 Coal and Clean Energy Industry Technical Tour is a professional technical tour for participants to get an in-depth understanding of China’s coal and clean energy industry by visiting exhibition, companies, factories, project sites, and meeting with government officials and executives from major coal-related associations.

Event Type:
Oct. 26-28, 2016
​National Agriculture Exhibition Center
Beijing , China



  • Learn China’s coal and clean energy technologies and successful projects
  • Understand specific technical needs of China’s coal and clean energy industry
  • Explore business opportunities in China’s coal and clean energy market
  • Identify possible Chinese partners
  • Develop solutions to the barriers of international collaboration and technology transfer

Concurrent Activities

  1. Conference on Clean and Efficient Use of Coal of China 2016
  2. Annual Meeting of Coal Preparation Branch, China National Coal Association 2016
  3. The Equipment of Coal Washing and Processing Technology Forum 2016
  4. China Coal Industry Ecological Civilization Forum 2016
  5. China Coal Deep Processing Industry Forum 2016
  6. Annual Meeting of Subcommission for Coal Conversion of China Coal Processing & Utilization Association 2016
  7. Press Conference for the “4th China International Coal Clean Energy Industry Expo”

Participating Organizations

  1. We invite leading officials of provincial, municipal administrations and industry associations to visit the exhibition;
  2. We invite the leadership and technical staff of the members of China Coal Processing & Utilization Association to visit the exhibition and participate in business negotiations;
  3. We invite professional visitors like provincial and municipal coal enterprises, coal chemical enterprises, coal-based power enterprises, coal preparation plants, scientific research institutions, experts and scholars to visit the exhibition and take part in business negotiations, and ensure professional visitors with decision-making ability and purchasing ability attend the exhibition; 
  4. We cooperate with international industrial organizations in the field of coal and clean energy, invite global enterprises, particularly enterprises of major coal-producing countries to visit the exhibition and take part in business negotiations;
  5. We publicize and report the exhibition information in over 60 professional newspapers, magazines, websites and other media home and abroad, forming an interactive alliance with professional media to conduct a full range of publicity and promotion on the exhibition and attract more professional visitors of the clean coal and energy sector to visit, negotiate or purchase.


  1. Achievements (the 12th Five-Year Period) and outlook (the 13th Five-Year Period) of clean and efficient use of coal;
  2. Coal washing technology, process, equipment and engineering design achievements;
  3. Coal liquefaction, coal gasification, coal-to-methanol, and other coal chemical technology, products and equipment;
  4. Ecological mine construction, coal mining goaf filling technologies and equipment;
  5. Coal dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification and other environmental protection technology and equipment for coal mines;
  6. Briquette and coal water slurry technological process and equipment;
  7. Clean transformation technology and equipment for coal-fired boilers;
  8. Coal-fired units with ultra-low emissions;
  9. Low-rank coal upgrading technology and equipment;
  10. Coal quality testing technology and equipment;
  11. Coalbed methane developing, associated minerals developing and comprehensive utilization of coal slime and coal gangue;
  12. New energy technologies and equipment developments for abandoned mines.

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