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The Development and Application of Level of Service - Webinar

Attendees of this webinar will leave with greater confidence in their ability to establish agreed-upon LoS for their particular organization and/or section of their organization for which they’re responsible. Attendees of this webinar on the fundamentals of level of service (LoS) in an asset management environment will learn (1) why appropriately informed LoS are such a crucial part of the foundation to asset management planning; (2) what association LoS have with continual improvement; (3) when LoS should be identified, agreed upon, and updated; and (4) how to identify appropriate LoS for any given Infrastructure Asset Class. Where to go to achieve agreement and acceptance of applicable LoS.
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Jun. 3, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

An asset management approach to infrastructure planning builds on a foundation of knowing what is wanted, what is necessary, and what is affordable. It enables continual improvement by measurement of achievement against that foundation—the foundation being the agreed levels of service (LoS).

Establishing LoS has proved difficult for many organizations, particularly the concept of customer-agreed LoS. This webinar will explore:

  • Where LoS may be identified
  • What it means to agree upon LoS
  • Means and methods of developing LoS into useful tools that help communicate the state of the assets
  • The relationships between LoS, performance measures (PMs), key performance indicators (KPIs), performance targets (PTs), and alarm limits (ALs)

The US application of asset management has not yet fully broken into the field of LoS development through utilities communicating with their customers or involving customers by asking them to agree to LoS requirements. There is a fear that being open with information and determining drivers with “uneducated” input will harm business through unrealistic demands and potential litigation.

To the contrary, countries that have mandated customer involvement are finding a better understanding of what customers want. In addition, customers are being educated about the cost of service; hence a real balance of service versus cost may be established and the customer is prepared to pay or be compensated for the lack of provision of the agreed level of service.

  1. Engage in discussion regarding LoS with their infrastructure stakeholders
  2. Identify locations to obtain appropriate LoS data
  3. Rationalize monitoring, controlling, reporting, and continual improvement of performance measurement criteria
  4. Critique LoS appropriate for the establishment of the state of assets
  5. Formulate criteria to optimize LoS against cost of service

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