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Verisk 3E and NRCC to host Global Chemical Regulations Forum


Verisk 3E, in cooperation with the National Registration Center of Chemicals (NRCC), is pleased to host the 2018 Global Chemical Regulation Forum.

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Jun. 6-7, 2018
Shanghai , China

This two day event will feature speakers from the NRCC and Verisk 3E on a variety of topics, including:

  • Chemical Safety Management
    • Progress of the hazardous chemicals registration regulation in China
    • China new chemical notification management
    • Storage and management of hazardous chemiclas
    • Local trends in the supervision of hazardous chemicals
    • Requirements for the safe supervision of fine chemicals reaction 
    • Global incident response
  • Best Practices for Managing Dangerous Goods Identification and Transportation
    • Safety management of dangerous goods by air and railway
    • Dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals identification
    • Risk management measures
    • Supply chain risk management
  • Hazardous Chemicals in a Global Economy
    • The Amended TSCA
    • California Prop 65
    • Latest updates in the region's regulatory frameworks in Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and India
    • EU REACH

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