When the Heat is On: Nov 1-2, 2016

This two day class includes everything in 'When the Heat is On: Persuasive Speaking on Environmental Risk, Controversies, and High-Stakes Topics: Part One. See the course description here for Part One of the When the Heat is On: Persuasive Speaking on Environmental Risk, Controversies, and High-Stakes Topics" The second day focuses on the advanced skills needed for making impromptu presentations for when you have to speak ‘in the moment'-—those times when you have to make impromptu remarks like discussion panels, media interviews, answering questions, etc. You will learn how to present yourself and your information in the best possible way using five impromptu speaking models and with stagecraft techniques used by professional speakers. Having the ability to think on your feet and to quickly articulate your thoughts is a vital skill, especially in communicating about environmental risk and other controversial, hot topic issues. Environmental professionals have important informati
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Workshops/Training Courses
Nov. 1-2, 2016
Bellevue , WA , USA

Course Topics

The focus for Day 1 is communication skills for those occasions when there is time to prepare in advance of the event. Day 1 covers:

  • Having open discussions on controversial topics such as environmental risk management.
  • The reasons why environmental risk and other controversies present unique and difficult communication challenges. 
  • Audience analysis.
  • Developing effective formal briefings (using three different models).
  • Writing effective one-page briefing sheets.
  • Delivering a motivational speech when you need to inspire action.
  • Individual practice sessions reinforcing skills learned.


Day 2 focuses on skills for occasions when you have to speak 'in the moment'. 

  • Setting up presentations in a public meeting for success.
  • Five models for handling impromptu speaking, especially when yours is a ‘hot’ topic.
  • Handling the media interview.
  • PowerPoint® and other media skills that work. 
  • Stagecraft and non-verbals that professional speakers use.
  • Practice sessions reinforcing the skills learned.

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